Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear America-

On Sunday, Dallas (my hometown) hosted the Super Bowl. What should have been a happy and joyous affair turned into something altogether ugly and greedy. Didn't our visitors see the Troy Aikman commercial urging us to be better hosts and respectful? Is anyone else disturbed we needed a commercial to tell us that?

The week leading up to the game was a doozy. Mother Nature (or Jerry Jones depending on what circle you run in) attacked Dallas with the full force of her wintry nature. Ice and snow covered the ground and the complaints started. I didn't realize that as hosts of the Super Bowl we were also in control of the weather. I assure you, if Jones had his way he would have taken on the almighty himself to get the streets to clear. What our neighbors to the North need to realize and understand is that we don't get that kind of weather. We haven't had that level of winter since 1997. We are a temperate climate with mild winters marred by a few days of ice and maybe snow a year. It gets cold here sure (we only have two temperatures- Hot as hell, and Cold as shit), so it's not that we're lazy or unprepared; it's that we rarely have to be. The number of snow plows and ice trucks currently in the DFW area are adequate for the weather we see normally. No city can prepare against every scenario, it's too expensive. Industrial salt/sand spreaders can cost upwards of 60K. How many should Texas own? Therefore, my dear Yankees, shut your gob and enjoy the snow. Trust me when I tell you we wish it weren't here either but c'est la vie!

Complaints were further issued when some fans found out they no longer had seats to the game. That is a bummer but is a lawsuit the answer? Yahoo Sports reported that a $5 million dollar lawsuit is being filed against the NFL, Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jones for misrepresentation, etc. I am sorry many fans lost seats. Over 2/3 of those in the temporary seating were moved to equal or better seats. The remaining 400 watched from a bar area, were given three times the cost of their ticket and a ticket to any future Super Bowl complete with air fare and hotel. Um... That sounds like great customer service to me and a good deal. It's a let down for sure but when does good sense equal into the equation? I understand that as Americans we are a "me, me" nation who believes that life is fair and we get whatever we want. Well, life isn't fair. I learned that before the age of 5, and as the Rolling Stones taught us "you can't always get what you want". Yes, Jones should never have over sold the venue and rushed the temporary seating. I'm sure the weather didn't help the fire marshal's inspection plans either. However, the NFL went above and beyond to correct this situation and make it up to the fans. I hope that in a months time they realize the money and gift of ANY future bowl is more than adequate compensation. Put your greed and anger away and stop listening to lawyers. If only this would go to trail, it would be one heck of a show.

In closing, the grass is always greener unless you visit Texas during a freak ice storm. Then, you probably should have stayed home.