Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So my birthday is coming up and I've started celebrating early, as is my custom. We kicked off the week long celebration with a Dallas Star's hockey game. My friend got us amazing seats and we had a blast. It was also one of the best games I think I've ever seen. We started it off right, scoring twice in the 1st period, but then seemed to get a little lackadaisical in the 2nd. We came back to tie it 4-4 in the third and won in overtime! There were more fights in this game than any of the others I've been to combined. What could be better? Fighting and winning, it's what hockey's all about!

Friday, I took my same friends to the Secret Carnival. It was a lot of fun! Free food and drinks, lots of vendors and swag bags, and jugglers on stilts putting all kinds of things up their noses. Super fun! I can't wait for the next Elite event. You can follow my Yelp reviews here.

Tomorrow I'm having brunch with a bunch of friends, then dinner with my folks, followed by the big party blow out, and Thanksgiving. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Hope you have a happy holiday!!

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