Saturday, September 4, 2010


* I finally get a weekend off (sorta, Sunday and Monday) and everyone is out of town! Don't they know they aren't allowed to leave on holiday weekends? Now what am I supposed to do? I wish I had somewhere to go.

* Wednesday I filled in for my friend and hosted trivia at the local hang out. He was kind enough to write most of the questions, but I filled in my own media. The game is simple: 5 rounds, 3 traditional trivia questions, 2 with media (like movie stills, song clips, etc), then a bonus sheet (always hard: identify this landmark from a satellite picture, word puzzles, etc). As the walking-talking-IMDB, I did two rounds of movie stills and the bonus where you identified the movie from the poster. I had no idea how difficult it was until I started seeing the answers! Still, many teams did very well. It was so much fun I'm going to start filling in more regularly. I've been spending this week coming up with questions and finding new movie stills.

* Jennie's word of the day: Berserk- both a noun and an adjective! n- 1. an ancient Scandinavian warrior frenzied in battle and held to be invulnerable 2. one whose actions are recklessly defiant. adj- frenzied, crazed. Every time I hear this song I think about the movie "Clerks". "Would you like to making fuck, Berserker!"

* My new favorite line from a movie: "He was institutionalized for being such a nerd" -Jeff Goldblum in "The Big Chill"

* Did anyone see Venus Williams outfit for the US Open the other day? It looked like lingerie. The bodice and skirt were sheet mesh with sparkly spider webs. Awful and distracting. I couldn't find any pics of it online but I did find this:

What the frak?

* I'm not sure how I came upon Cracked, but they have a series of "After Hours" videos that discuss movies ad nauseum. The link above leads to the "Top 5 Movie High Schools it Would Suck to Attend" and it is hilarious!

* Hyperbole & A Half tells us all about the "Four Levels of Social Entrapment" . So true!

* Finally, here's something funny to lift up your day. I am literally itching with anticipation of my upcoming two days off. Can I leave work now?? Please?

* not sure where I found this.

*natalie dee

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