Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ireland or Bust!

Day One- Travel

I don't understand some peoples aversion to Delta. The two times I've bee forced to fly them, either due to price or mechanical problems with my original airline, I've found it to be a rather pleasant experience. Sure, they moved my sister and I apart on the longest leg of our journey, but they also moved us back together. [side note: sitting by the emergency exit is the only way to travel internationally. Screw paying hundreds more for business or 1st class. If you're lucky, it's a free upgrade. Gotta love the leg room.]

The stewards on our first flight were clearly loving life. The humor displayed was much how I imagine Southwest believes theirs to be- delicate and funny but un-obtrusive. I wish I was thinking more clearly and wrote some of it down.

The Atlanta airport is a nice one with lots of options for eating. Our Dublin bound flight went smoothly. In fact, we arrived early before the runway was even open! I really appreciate the care given to us with special diets, i.e. vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free. But, I have to wonder at the logic of it sometimes. There is no distinction between vegetarian and vegan when ordering; which results in extra meals being packed when what was being served would have sufficed. The cheese tortellini option would have satisfied us just as well and we would have gotten a chocolate blondie. This is not to say our steamed veggies, orzo, and curry (??) sauce wasn't good, just that we could have shared. Truth be told, they probably did us a favor. Perhaps they could tell I was about to eat my weight in cole slaw soon. More on that later.

We did make out like gang busters on our breakfast though. No condiment free egg sandwich for us! I'll take the toasted bagel with butter and jam, banana, OJ, and granola any day!

Next: Dublin


  1. Lucked out you did. All but the most recent delta flights for us were horribad.

  2. Maybe... This is just twice they've come through for us. I still prefer American, but you can't discount cheaper fares!