Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Day Four- Cliffs of Moher and Every Body's Irish

**This is Bunratty Castle, but you can't throw a rock without hitting a bit of castle or a bit of ruin. Another car game: Yelling out "Bit of castle!" or "Bit of ruin!" We also saw a bit of Castle with row houses built off of it. Must be easy giving directions: Just go to the bit of castle and count down 4 doors.**
The sun is shining when we leave and we're hoping for another slightly warm day as we head south to the Cliffs of Moher. The roads from Galway through The Burren are tough to say the least. Most are barely wider than one American lane and the speed limits 100 km (about 70 mph). What drunkard came up with that? There is a lot of deep inhales and held breath as we pass cars barreling towards us. The drive is beautiful though. Even the seriously dangerous curves are no match for how we're feeling. At least most of these roads are paved, right?

It's overcast once we get up the cliffs (214m or about 702 ft) and the wind is trying to push us off the edge. Still, it is a beautiful sight. You can see the passage of time in the striations of the cliff face. There is a bit of a museum attached, mostly talking about climate change and wildlife but it's interesting. The visitors center boasts it's Green initiatives which I full support. Our geek-dom highlight at the end is the ridge where parts of "The Princess Bride" were films. As you wish!!!

We get more interesting directions to the famous Dolman further into The Burren. Here, an estimated 300 bodies (all ash- the Celts cremated) were found buried in the tomb. Now, it just hangs out and we took a lot of pictures. Heading back down the cliffs, the sun comes back out and it warms up a bit. We stop in Ballyvaughan at The Soda Parlor for lunch. Really yummy crepes and milkshakes. After a quick nap at home, we're off to celebrate the most famous Englishman in Ireland.

There are people everywhere. If you live in a major city, it looks the same. College kids stumbling down the street, spilling beer on themselves and others. People taking their glass outside and dropping it, even though every bar offers plastic cups. It's loud and cold and fun. Our first stop was The King's Head. On any other night I think it could have been a nice place to hang out, but tonight it was full of college kids and we're just a bit too old for that. We grab a slice of amazing pizza then head to The Front Door (also in the guidebook, FYI). Here was more our crowd. It was packed to the gills, but after grabbing a Smithwicks for me and a Bulmers for my sister, we found a smoking patio on the 2nd floor. New Yorkers will recognize this patio as nothing more than a pass through to another building, but it has been re-appropriated for use with the bar.

Lesson I already knew but learned again from a drunk Irish girl: Guys are full of shite and lie.

For some reason, many people we've met along the way so far have thought we were Australian. They also commend us on waiting to visit until after Obama was elected, as our reception would not have been so nice. You're welcome America.

We meet some native Dublinites out showing their Canadian friend around and have some savage craic (sounds like crack- i.e. a really good time and good conversation). I totally want to bring this word back to the states. I love it!

Sadly, we are back at the B&B and getting ready for bed at 11:45. This has already been a lot of driving, and we're back at it again tomorrow. I really loved Galway and would come back for a few more days again. We never got out to the Aran Islands, and there is some beautiful country side and attractions North of the city. I'll keep my fingers crossed I have the opportunity again.

Next: Good Roads and Kissing the Stone

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