Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Too Electric Boogaloo

* It's so secret I love chickens. I've almost bought a baby chick twice. It is only through the voice of reason (usually whoever's with me) that I have not succeeded in my purchase. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a sign for The Brand Hatchery right next door to La Madeleine where I was having lunch. Clearly it was a sign that I needed a chicky. Imagine my dismay when I discovered The Brand Hatchery did not sell chickens or eggs but advertising. What a rip off!
[side note: Their website is a bit confusing but there are some cool photos on it, including one of Gael Garcia Bernal- hot!]

* I want this.

*I want to go to The Meatball Shop when I'm in NYC this summer. Come on- fresh, made in house, meatballs of chicken, pork, beef or vegetable; served with amazing sides (polenta! risotto! rigatoni!) and salads. They even have house-made ice cream (I wonder if I can mix mint & espresso). Yum!

* I'm not a big fan of "women's magazines" in general. They are written for women with a lot more money and vanity than I have. However, having spent several years in the cosmetic industry, one magazine I just can't seem to shake is Allure- The beauty bible. If it's new and exciting, they'll tell you all about it. It's also nice that several budgets are recognized by its editors. They recommend and review everything from Neutrogena and CVS name brands to Cle de Peau and Givenchy.

Now, I've got a bone to pick with you Allure.

Every year, Allure devotes a majority of it's issue to "looking better naked". Inside it's glossy pages are photo after photo of tall lanky models and celebrities telling us why they love their body. Uh, thanks. Not really helpful. In the same issue, there is usually a photo spread of nude celebrities to confront this issue head on (no pun intended). Here is where I have a couple gripes:

#1- Heterosexual woman are not interested in looking at nude ladies. Why would we like that? It doesn't turn me on or make me feel better about myself. Can't they talk about the love of their bodies in a bathing suit? A carefully tailored dress? It just seems like a bit of a waste and unproductive. Now, if you are a girl who likes girls, this is the issue for you!

#2- How about some variety? All 5 of the woman profiled this year are size 6 or smaller (I'm being generous, I doubt there's a one over a size 4). Does this mean that larger ladies don't or shouldn't love their bodies? I couldn't be less interested in how each of them starved themselves ("Oh, I don't really get all that hungry") before the shoot or worked out religiously for 3 months straight. Good for them, but come on! The most honest of the celebs, if it's real honesty, was Regina Hall who admitted to eating a Snickers. This bit of news was reported as exclamatory- OH MY GOD! SHE ATE A CANDY BAR! CRAZY! Least we forget the point of this article, they immediately followed their "surprised" statement with the fact that she had been working out really hard before. Gag me.

* 'Nuff said:
How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

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  1. Oh, dude. I love that you just called out Allure!