Saturday, August 7, 2010

Queen's Bound

Day 6

My culinary adventure continues today with Dim Sum at my friends favorite place in Chinatown. What I didn't know before arriving was that the restaurant was vegetarian and kosher! Yea! There was such a mix of people and everyone was very nice. I can eat everything on the menu!! I have to say, Dim Sum is officially my new favorite thing. I love lots of little plates crowding the table and getting to taste a bit of everything. The best thing, according to me who ate most of it, was the veg. meat bun. Lovely little pillows of dough surrounding (what I think was) TVP in a sweet red sauce. It makes me dreamy just thinking about it. Also amazing were the crullers- puff pastry topped with rice sheets in a sweet soy sauce. Heaven!

Afterward, I really wanted to go to Babycakes, a vegan bakery I keep hearing about. If there is one thing I love (especially in NY) it's cupcakes. When they achieve the perfect balance of cake to icing I am hooked. The store is located on an unassuming street on the Lower East Side. Inside there is just enough space for 4 people to squeeze in, order, then get stuck. They are constantly making cupcakes, donuts (baked!), and cookies all day. They even wear 50s style peppermint striped blouses. Even better, the cupcakes are delicious! Besides being vegan, they also have gluten free options. They were also recently named New York's best place to stop for a sweet bite (out of all the places to stop- vegetarian, vegan, and "regular" alike!) A must stop!

We walked around the mostly residential neighborhood in search of life, finally finding it in Nolita. From there, we caught the 7 train to Flushing, Queens. Just over the bridge, there is an amazing mural covering 3 sides of a building. Apparently, they sporadically paint over it and start again. very cool.

By the time we got to Queens it had started to rain. On a positive note, it did lower the temperature. We ran down the crowded streets to Tai Pan Bakery. I had the red bean bun (yes please) and a mango smoothie. Even better, when you spend $5, you can buy a great big umbrella (advertising the bakery) for only $3. Of course I bought one! It's even UV protected so I can sit under it at the pool and protect my skin. God, I'm such a nerd...

We wondered up to the big Asian supermarket there and had so much fun looking at everything and photobombing each other. Next up was Flushing Mall with a really cool Manga store. I just had to have a bubble tea before we left (how do you go to Chinatown and not get one?). In my previous life (approximately 1 year ago), the thought of drinking a milky tea with tapioca balls would really turn my stomach. In reality, it is a nice treat and great for in between meals. I got a green tea flavored on with black tapioca balls. The medium turned out to be too much and I had to share!

Back in Brooklyn, we're debating whether or not to hit up the "Man Men" launch party in Times Square. I'm mostly worried it may rain again, plus it was already 7 PM by the time we got back. No way were we getting a good place to stand or any cool free stuff. Not to mention, walking really takes it out on you! We were exhausted so we called it a night.
Tomorrow, I get ready to leave and (finally) visit The Pit.

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