Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Saturday

* So my job decided it would be a good idea to update our software on a weekend. Usually this would be okay , but seeing as how we are open on the weekends and I am working by myself as well; it is a really bad idea. I have no idea what is going on. There is a stack of folders on my desk that I'm supposed to use to manually enter info, but most of them look like the exact same thing. Where the hell's my easy button?

* Everything I see "Drill Team" on, I think it's a show about dancing. It's not.

* The return of Jennie's Word of the Day: Stitch. (Clearly she is day dreaming about knitting or got in a fight with a wildebeest and needs some stictches. I kinda hope it's #2 because that is a way more interesting story).

* Some songs I need to download if only I could remember to bring my laptop to work:
- Guster- Do You Love Me
- Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros- Home
- Arcade Fire- Suburbia (Nothing shocks me more than liking this song. Seriously, I may need an intervention)
- Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- I Learned The Hard Way
- Ike Riley- Lights Out
- Anouk- Lost
-April March- the whole album. I simply love her.
- Kate Melua
- Frank Black- Honeycomb
- Laura Marlin- Rambling Man
- Elsa Cross- Zombie For His Love
- Spandau Ballet- True

* Why do little dog people (that is owners of little dogs, not tiny dogs that are people; though I would love to see some art on that one) always try to make big dog people into them? The only little dog I like is my sister's and that's because I've known him his whole life. Until recently I didn't like dogs at all. They confused me with their neediness and ability to eat my face. Now, the idea of a dog is not completely without appeal though I am still a "cat person" (just minus the 30 cats). If I ever got a dog, it would have to be a medium to large sized dog. I want something I can lay on, somthing that could eat a face (preferably not mine), and be intimidating enough in size to an intruder. I want a powerful dog. If I had my way, my dog would be an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, or Akita, or Husky. Something powerful. Something beautiful. So, to all my friends and family who keep telling me to get a schnauzer or chihuahua or other tiny meal dog; the answer is no.

* If only it were this easy to get a baby tiger for a pet.

* Thanks to Go Fug Yourself for this link to 10 characters from the 90s that would be fashionable today. I really like number's1, 4, and 9.

* Design Sponge's "Living In" section. They are a group of ladies bringing interesting fashion and housewares to your attention. In "Living In" they show you how to dress and decorate like your favorite movies. It's perty cool.

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