Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where Ya Been Saturday?

Oh how I've missed you Random Saturday...

* I hosted  my first trivia game at my local bar and had a blast! I was super nervous as this was the 2nd time I've hosted, but the 1st time I wrote the questions myself. Were they too hard? Too easy? Did they make sense? Would people have fun? In the end, I was surprised by how well some people did with certain questions and how poorly at others. Examples:

From the Texas round: "Not just a theme park, what 6 flags flew over Texas?"

From the Sesame Street round sponsored by the letter "S" and the number "3": "Popular in Indonesian cuisine, tempeh is made from fermented what?"

"The cuddly Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru represent what popular adage based in Taoism? To bad your Grandma's tchochke's aren't here to help you."

From the final double or nothing round: "Who killed Tybalt in Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet?"

From the media round: Identify the movie from the still.

(Answers at the bottom)

* The State Fair of Texas opened last weekend and we had a blast! I definitely recommend going on opening day. There are no lines for rides and the fryers are clean and filled with new oil! As soon as we got there, I was filmed eating fried green beans (my fav snack at the fair!) and snippets of it were shown on the local news. Unfortunately, I cannot find the film but I do have a picture! Birth place of the Corney Dog, the Texas State Fair also boosts an innovative fried food contest every year. Past winners include fried butter, fried coke, fried PBB&J (Hola Elvis!), and fried snickers. This year, the winner for most inventive was fried beer- the grossest thing on earth! Best flavor went to the fried Frito pie (which I hear was amazing but of which I of course did not eat). A full summary of our culinary tour of the fair can be found on my foodie blog.

* "I think I finally caught anorexia. It's probably the depression, stress, and exhaustion but still, I haven't been hungry for 3 days." pumps fists in the air.
-"It's nice to get it without actually getting it."
"Yea. The depressions been a real bummer though."
(Only myself and word-of-the-day Jennie can make anorexia hilarious. PS- I don't want your letters unless it's snail mail. I love snail mail. It's like a holiday in my mail box!)

* The weirdest text I just found on my phone: "I promise I'm not trying to put my dick on you". What the heck does that mean? Why is it in my phone?

* As you all know, I'm a serious movie fan. So, it was heartbreaking and shocking to read of Sally Menke's death on 9/28. Menke was the genius behind all of Quentine Tarantino's films and a damned fine editor. It is always a shock when someone you admire dies, but when it is under such strange circumstances it seems so much worse. Movieline complied a neat tribute to her and the unique and powerful relationship she shared with QT. There are also several "Hi Sally" clips where the cast and crew would throw her a shout out. I think I posted the one from "Inglourious Basterds" before, so here is one from "Death Proof".

* Jennie's word of the day: Snacks. (She must be hungry)

ANSWERS: 1- Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederacy, USA (Not only have I been to Six Flags Over Texas several times, but as a Texas native I also have 2 years of Texas history under my belt. So, the question remains: How do you get this question wrong?

2- Tempeh is made from soy (Almost everyone got this right. Way to go!)

3- "See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil" (I think all but one team got this. I was so impressed!)

4- Romeo (We all read this in school right? Maybe even twice depending on your school? Maybe you were a slacker with a thing agains Shakespeare, but did you not see the movie(s)? No lady dragged you to stare at Leo DiCaprio? Ladies, you weren't smitten with this story? How did so few teams get this right?)

5- Movies are: "Velvet Goldmine" (1 or 2 teams got it which was expected), "Memento" (I think everyone got it which was a surprise), and "(500) Days of Summer" (only 1 team got, though I did enjoy the many "Star Wars" answers)

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