Friday, December 18, 2009

Read My Lips

(I aploogize to any male readers in advance. You might want to skip this one and go here instead)

Like many girls, I loved to play dress up when I was little. Any excuse to clop around in heels and wear lip gloss was a happy occasion. Friends had whole trunks of costumes to play in and make-up, but my sister and I had neither. We had to make due with a couple of our grandmother's heels from the 40's, my Mom's hippie clogs, and Tinker Bell perfume. Maybe this is another reason I love Halloween so much. It certainly plays into how I spend my nights alone.

I wait until the last possible second to wash my face and remove my make-up at night. Almost as if I'm still amazed I get to wear it that I want those moments to last as long as possible. It's funny to me- When we were younger, my sister had all the make-up. She and her friend's saved up allowances for Bonus Time at the cosmetics counter. She had an abundance of eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, sample mascaras and perfume, you name it. I, on the other hand, spent my money on god knows what, so I had very little. Flash forward a few years and I'm managing a cosmetics counter and my sister hardly wears any make-up (not like she needs it that bitch).
Sometimes, when I'm alone at home at night, a glass of wine in a tumbler, my Netflix's queued up; I put on lipstick- bright, vibrant shades of red lipstick. I may be in my PJ's, but my mouth is ready to party (that sounded better in my head). I've even been known to throw on some Velvet Kiss and jump in the shower. I have an unhealthy love for lipstick.

On special occassions some girls buy new shoes, some get their "hair did", some buy lingerie, I buy lipstick. I've been meaning to count them but it seems too donting, there must be well over 50 tubes in various spots around the house and car.

There's something about lipstick, like even if everything else is plain and depressing, you're still a bit glamourous. That feeling of dress up never vanishes.
Somewhere in the back log of Twitter, the lovely Dita Von Teese said something about never being without her lipstick (MAC Russian Red- so delightful). It is a true sign of femininity that can be so empowering. The more bold the colour, the more bold the woman. I feel unstoppable and confident when I where lipstick. I never feel ugly, it doesn't make you look fat, and regardless of how often you wear it, if you try something new people notice.

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