Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Both a Sad Day for Dallas & a Happy One For Me

While getting ready for work this morning my phone alerted me to a text message. This freaked my out as everyone I know should have been in bed at this time. I learned, with the rest of Dallas, that this morning a fire destroyed a block of bars and restaurants on Greenville Ave. Those effected were Hurricane's, Terelli's, Mick's, and Greenville Bar and Grill. Surely others will be effected by the massive plumes of smoke that continued through much of the morning. According to reports, Fire Rescue was called at 5:45 AM. When they arrived on the scene, flames shot 30-40 feet in the air. It is unclear what started this fire (they're saying it originated in the shared attic space), but what is clear is a bunch of hardworking people are out of a job. Not to mention the lushes and patron's who called these bars home as well. I couldn't help but be thankful the fire wasn't across the street at one of our neighborhood haunts and the place of employ for many of my friends.
Almost immediately there was Facebook group dedicated to posting jobs in the area and to set up donations to help preserve this historic block (and I hope help out the jobless workers). I support donating to the employees, but I'm a bit torn on the business owners. At least one of the owners (of two of the effected businesses) says he doesn't have insurance. That's a real bummer, but why not? I thought surely bars and restaurants on Greenville would have ponied up after the block fire of 2005. I'm sure it can be costly, but it is in no comparison of the costs without. Thoughts?

Wow! I think my eye stopped twitching for a second at this one. I've been awarded the Happy Blogger Award. I think this is hilarious!!! I know sometimes I include funny bits, but I always feel like I bitch more than I smile. Certainly this award has added a couple notches to the latter. Thanks Natalie for thinking of me.

So, the first part of this award I thought would be easy: name 10 things that make you happy. However, I may have problems with the second part: pass on to 10 blogger's. I recently did a little spring cleaning in my digital life which means I lost a couple blogs and finally read all the online articles I'd been hording in my favorites for at least 3 months. Still, here goes!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Spending time with my sister. I already put in my request to visit her for her birthday again this year. How fortunate that it coincides with Crawfest!

2. Summers at my Gram's in the Poconos. How can you not be pleased looking at this:
3. Opening weekend at the Movies.

4. My Mom's homemade fudge.

5. Halloween. Heck, it still (and always) looks like Halloween in my house.

6. Presents. Come on! Who doesn't love little trinkets?

7. My daily dose of Internet hilarity: Married to the Sea, Lovely Listing, I Can Has Cheezburger, and everyone on the blogosphere.

8. Travel
9. Getting the Final Jeopardy question right.

10. Going on a date. Though I'm not too sure about this one as it's been forever since I've been. Still, the Hollywood style recreation I play in my head is almost as satisfying.

So, who gets the love? I know it says 10, but I really wanted to pass it on to blogger's who regularly make me laugh or make me feel bad about myself for not being so peppy. Therefore, may I present:

Do you want some love too? Make sure you're following my blog. I love to follow followers (?quizzical face?) and more importantly, I love them like puppies like getting dressed up as emo kids.


  1. You are also one of my favorite things. Hope you can come down next month!!!

  2. Somehow, when I read about this on someone else's blog (as I rarely read the NEWS), I didn't connect it with DALLAS. I was all, "Oh sad, someone's bars burned down."

    Ahem. I blame the pneumonia.