Saturday, March 6, 2010

In a Week of Nothingness, Random is King

* Just thinking about work gets my eye a-twitching. I think I may even be making myself more sick. I've been having panic attacks more frequently too. I need to just sit at home and sleep/relax/eat something good for me for a couple of days until I can right myself. I believe that will be my plan for the evening- bottle of wine, Sam Rockwell in "Moon", and half a hydro-codeine. Maybe I'll just cry... Unless you want to watch "Moon" and have a TV bigger than a bread box and will let me come over and watch it (you can watch it too) and drink myself into oblivion.

* I spent yesterday hanging out w/my friend Lauren and celebrating her getting a new job (Yea- finally!!). The weather has been acting particularly odd all week- cold, warm, cloudy, sunny. Each day is the opposite of the day before. We had a lovely brunch at Capitol Pub- I had the Drunken Steak Sandwich which is fast becoming my favorite thing on the menu. Then we got our nails did (this is only the 2nd time I've had a manicure. The 1st time I was 13), and hit up happy hour. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have to work the next day, so my eye kept randomly twitching as the night progressed. Lauren also broke her tattoo cherry and I am totally jealous. I want a new tattoo so badly!!!!

* I had a napkin with lots of hilarity written on it from last night and of course left it in my other purse. Now, all I can remember is "foot pillows". Apparently there is a restaurant in Cancun where you can take your shoes off and rest your feet on a pillow instead. This sounded ridiculous and crazy to me, until we got to happy hour. With the sun beating down on me it got real hot real quick. If only I could take my sneakers off but not have to touch the hazardous wooden patio bar floor. Foot pillows! Of course! Somebody needs to get on this stat.

* I don't get to see "Alice in Wonderland" until next weekend, so I am looking for one line reviews. Please post below!

* "He opened his mouth and it smelled like toilet"- I found that gem in the drafts section of my phone. I have no idea what it is referencing, but I assume it has to do with something funny either I or someone else said. Man, I wish I knew who smelled like a toilet... Also found on my phone: "You can't water, you're hot"

* Did you watch Bill Murray on David Letterman? It was hilarious. Randomly popping up on screen was a shout out for his orthopedic surgeon Dr. Powell. I wrote it down, certain it was a hoax, but no! It's real. So funny! Thanks Bill Murray! PS- when you going to make another movie? How about right now?

* I will now become the most amazing trivia player in the history of Wednesday trivia!

* Jennie's word of the day: *pfft* (she blew a raspberry at me! Deciding that was not a word, our new word is Guggenheim)

* I was rummaging around on You Tube today looking for something funny involving Chinese throwing stars (it's a long story) when I discovered this. Sorry, Blogger won't let me cut and paste for some weird reason so you just have to click the link. The joke is pretty standard and not funny, but this guys haircut makes up for it in spades!

* Tomorrow is the Oscar's!!! Did you watch the Independent Spirit Awards last night? I did. What the heck was up with Eddie Izzard? He seemed a bit off and I can only assume it was the free flowing Jameson on every table. The speech's were nice and everything wrapped up in a neat 2.5 hour package. The big winner: Precious (of course). I'm okay with that as I don't expect them to walk off with much tomorrow. The big surprise: Best Screenplay winner "(500) Days of Summer" beating out "The Messenger" and "The Vicious Kind" and "Adventureland". Awesome. Documentary winner Anvil. Awesome squared.

My complete reaction to the Academy Awards will be posted Monday. Good luck to everyone participating in a pool or going to the Red Carpet Crash event in Dallas!


  1. I didn't watch the ISAs yet but I have them tivod. About to start watching now! Your more than welcome to come here and help me unpack Since that's what I will be doing and probably drinking and crying too. I watched Moon the other day and I reallllly liked it. Let me know what you think!! I heart Sam Rockwell and I just thought he was amazing.

  2. I already posted a comment but for some reason it didn't show up! I loved moon. Lemme know what you think about it! Sam Rockwell is just amazing! You are more than welcome to come to my house and cry with me while I'm unpacking...

  3. oh i did comment already. haha now it showed up. Now im the weirdo on your blog.

  4. Ha ha!!! Well, I got home and realized I only had about 18% memory left on my DVR so I didn't get to watch "Moon". Instead, I beat my way through almost 3 days of recorded material... I think I would have been better off watching the movie

  5. Aw! I wish I'd read this yesterday! You are always welcome to come over to my house for non-breadbox sized TV viewing. I just sat here watching season 3 of Heroes, but I would have appreciated the company. Still no job and all the time in the world. I really miss having friends, but it's hard to find cool free stuff to do. No one just hangs out anymore- always got to have a plan... meh. So, I'll be sitting here if you're not too anxious to call! ;)