Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday Is My Favorite Time of Year

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Monday was the best day I've had in I can't remember when! We were invited to our companies annual awards luncheon so we got to leave work at 10:30 AM to go to lunch at Maggiano's. So delicious (and Meatless Monday friendly)! I had the crispy zucchini, bruscetta, and Italian salad to start, followed by Fettuchine Alfredo, roasted new potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. Desert was Tiramisu and Apple Crostada. We won Property of the Year and word-of-the-day Jennie won Leasing Agent of the Year. It was so exciting, especially when they gave us the rest of the day off! What to do?
Our first stop was the Farmer's Market, which is not a good idea when you've just gorged yourself on Italian food. Just the sight of all that beautiful produce was enough to make my stomach turn. I think it must still be a bit early for the market as there were hardly no local farmers present. If I wanted produce from Mexico or other states I could go to the supermarket. Oh well, I can't wait to go back a bit later in the season and see what's available. There was a sandwich board for a Kosher Meat Market/Butcher and I got so excited, but the shop was closed and I can't find any info on it online. Boo! Where can I buy locally raised and slaughtered beef, etc? On the way back to the car, I spotted the above window and had to take a picture. What is this Fine Foo of which you speak, and do I want to be in a bee? Even though we were stuffed to the gills and upset walking, we had a lot of fun to be outdoors in the beautiful sunshine (yes, I know how ironic that is since I hate the sun) and fresh air.

Next we decided to continue out out of doors escapade with a trip to the Nasher Sculpture Center, however, it being Monday; it was closed. Double Boo! It worked out for the best since the Dallas World Aquarium was open! Who can say no to an aquarium with a bar? We spent the next hour and a half looking at fish and monkeys and sharks and jaguars. PS- the strawberry margarita's are to die! It was so much fun and goofy.
The day was completed with happy hour with friends and a frustrating game of Hearts. I am convinced that game should never be played with only two people. We got all stabby trying to decipher the directions to the game (both of us not remembering a lick about how it's played). This game was designed for children 4 and up, but it would take an IKEA employee to figure out what the directions were telling us to do. Note to Future Self: keep you playing cards in the car not your purse so you will be less frequently without them. Whatever, we got a bit toasted, enjoyed some raucous conversation: "My track ball is messed up"- said our friend as they fondled their blackberry, or just YouTube "3 minute legs"- hilarious!!


  1. What an awesome day! Unexpected adventures such as these are the stuff of greatness. And Maggiano's? Oh, how I love thee.

  2. Sounds like a blast! i also love Maggianos. I tried to remember the rules to War the other day and couldn't for the life of me.. of course i was drunk!