Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dear Saturday:

* "Why is this show all about something that's dumb?" -Trent, age 6, in response to the SyFy original series "Stargate Universe".

* So, Thursday I discovered it is possible to have a bad second date even when the first one was great. I thought of another new/old rule for dating: Don't talk too much and learn to listen. Being nervous myself (our first date was drinks, so it was easier to loosen up and relax), excess talking doesn't really bother me. What does get my goat is someone who ignores your attempts to join the dialog or steer things your way. Shouldn't you want to know about me? On a related note, not asking questions and listening to answers can lead you to assume certain falsehoods and annoy your date. Case in point: I recently began a more plant based diet (I kill my body enough as it is with cigarettes and beer, might as well do something nice for it as well) which I told my date. He didn't really ask much more about it except to say he could never give up steak. When he picked me up for our dinner date, he said he picked seafood since he knew he couldn't take me to a steak house. Uh... I would have loved to go to a steak house! I so rarely if ever get to go to one seeing as how they are usually above my meager budget. Why couldn't we get steak? Instead, we had the most laughably bad service at a Cajun seafood restaurant. Date Rule #6b- If you make fun of the bad service and your date doesn't reciprocate, say nothing else!

* "If I were some sort of bad ass I'd ride a Harley Davidson, but I ride a bicycle." -Gentleman on the patio of Lakewood Landing. He was hilarious all night.

* Someone asked my what my favorite move was and I almost threw up- that's too hard! Can we break it down by genre? So, I tried to think of what movies I would take with me on a desert island that just happened to have a TV and DVD player not to mention electricity. That premise threw me off balance so I adjusted it slightly: If you're house were on fire, what movies would you grab? The list basically proved I would die a fiery death. In no particular order, they are:
* Jennie's Word of the Day: melon ball -I think she's losing it ;)

* It's Derby Day! AKA The Kentucky Derby, aka the horse race, aka the ponies. I've been playing the ponies since I was a little girl- one of the positives of having your Granddad in Louisville. Every year we'd watch the race on TV and hope our horse placed. A couple weeks later, my sister and I would receive a letter from our Granddad with a full run down of the race. If we were lucky, a couple dollars would be inside as well. I had the privilege of visiting Churchill Downs once when I was a child and always dreamed of attending The Derby proper. Now that I no longer have relatives there it seems a bit less likely, but a girl can dream right? So, where ever you are today at 6:24 PM EDT, drink a Mint Julep for me!
My Picks:
Discreetly Mine (38-1)- a long shot and he's still young and inexperienced, but certainly one to watch
Dublin (17-1)- truthfully, I just like the name but he has a good chance to place
Sidney's Candy (10-1)- your best bet, undefeated

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