Friday, May 28, 2010

Hola Summer (hello mustaches)

Tuesday a bunch of us visited our friends/bartenders at Stan's Blue Note in Dallas for some cheap drinks and hopefully drunken debauchery. What we didn't expect was the fabulous display of mustaches. A local bike gang (that's bicycle gang folks) showed up and I think every guy had some sort of emo/indie facial hair. It was amazing. In case you don't know, I'm on a huge facial hair kick right now. My attraction to the stache waxes and wanes, but it never leaves completely. There's just something about a guy who bucks conventional norms and fashion to sport a handlebar or Doc Holliday mustache. I just want to pet it. In a mere two month's I'll be able to show my support for all things bristly when I visit my friend in Brooklyn. She's holding this shirt hostage until I get there:
It's as if H&M has a direct view into my subconscious.

Now that the summer is here, I'm left to figure out how to spend my evenings without my favorite TV shows/friends. I can't believe I have to wait months to find out what happens next on The Vampire Diaries, or if Grey's Anatomy can handle losing their main Grey, or what city The Amazing Race contestants will piss all over. I already miss Southland. Will the Gleeks win regional's? Will anyone finally put Sue Sylvester in her place? Will Alicia Florek choose her corrupt cheating husband or go for the unknown with her boss Will on The Good Wife (arguably TVs best new drama)? What about Law & Order? It was a great series finally, but did it need to be cancelled to make room for a Hollywood edition? Don't we have enough going on in LA and NY? What about Law & Order: Chicago, or Law & Order: Seattle? I'd love to see some cops strung out on Voodoo donuts chasing hippies around town in the rain. Speaking of the end of the line, Saving Grace finishes this season which means no more surly Holly Hunter drinking and smoking up a storm. Why god, why?!

[side note: Did anyone catch "The Good Guys" on Fox? I was excited because it's set and partially filmed in Dallas (go big D), but couldn't even finish watching it was so bad. You really want me to believe one of the cops camps out in an Airstream trailer under the Star of Texas ferris wheel in the middle of Fair Park? Not hardly. Way to dash my hopes of a killer summer series and familiar locales.]

It's safe to say I'm addicted to TV, and I make no apologies about it. Maybe it makes me a bit dumber, but I make up for it with reading and thinking deep complex thoughts to myself (okay, maybe not the last part). Why shouldn't I subscribe to the teacher of the masses- the boob tube? What am I going to do this summer? A quick google search and help from The Futon Critic put everything into perspective. Here's what my DVR will look like come official summer:

* Finally, Weeds returns. What the heck will Nancy Botwin get herself into this season?
* The Closer (really, there's nothing else on. I could take it or leave it depending on the story)
* It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (thank you Comedy Central!)

* Masterchef (they had me at Gordon Ramsey- I just love him)
* Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (if you get a chance to see her perform, do it)
* Memphis Beat (Jason Lee, check)

* Is it too late to get into Happy Town? Probably. Damn.
* So You Think You Can Dance (this is the dance show with real dancers- watch it!)
* Top Chef 7
* Tosh.0
* Ghost Hunters Academy (if it's not better than last season, it's dead to me. oh, a pun!)

* So You Think You Can Dance: Results show
* Any 30 Rock & Community episodes I missed (which would be most of 30 Rock)
* Moonlight ( I watched when it was originally on CBS- damn them- but the CW is rerunning the series. Check it out)
* Paranormal Investigators (FBI trained spook de-bunkers. Awesome)
* Eureka returns!!!
* Haven (based on a Stephen King short story should scare me, but his shorts tend to be pretty good)

* Graham Norton returns!
* Mostly this seems like a good drinking night

* Mad Men returns (I am literally salivating at the mouth. If you're not down with Sterling Cooper, now's the time)
* True Blood (I now officially love Sundays)

What shows are you excited to watch this summer?


  1. Oh no please don't tell me that Bradley Whitford was terrible. PLEASE. He's my imaginary boyfriend (I cheat on him frequently with other imaginary boyfriends).

  2. I am squeeling over your list (except for the ones I've never seen). SYTYCD, Mad Men, Weeds,Always Sunny, Top Chef are all my best friends. It SUCKS that I don't have cable right now. SUCKS ASS.

  3. @sketches- You are welcome to join in our SYTYCD viewing party. Not sure where it will always be, but it's fun.

    @shine- Mr Whitford and his mustache were the best things about the show, unfortunately that's not saying much. Such a bummer.

  4. I love me some 'stache. Awesome shirt. :)