Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Can't Breath

Last night, I think I died for a second before being resurrected like Ripley in "Alien 4".

My allergies (at least I assume that's what they are. I've never been tested. Testings for losers) have been the worst these past two months. Just when I think I've over the plague, it comes back two fold. Now, I'm coughing all the time except when I wake up in the morning which is super weird. Last night, despite the overdose of generic NyQuil, my throat was sealed shut with phlegm. Sorry, I know that's gross, but imagine how I felt. I'd like to say my life passed before my eyes but it didn't. Instead, I lay there thinking, "Great. This is how it ends? Woman suffocated by self". So lame.

Add to my distress the fact I've worked 7 straight days and it's no wonder I haven't gotten better. I need sleep and relaxation and I have no idea when I'm going to get either. Sure I'm finally off tomorrow, but it's payday and that means one thing: shopping. I need food and more medicine and probably something pretty just for me. I have exhausted the recommended length of time I should take my prescription cough medicine so now I'm screwed.

I have also lost the ability to speak English. Unfortunately, I have not developed the ability to speak another language or suddenly get better at the foreign languages I already kind of know. This short post has taken the better part of a half hour (not including the amazing artwork above). Mostly for spell checking and to remember what I was talking about. Mostly.
[side note: I totally misspelled "mostly". can I go home?]

Send me good juju, please!


  1. Oh hon, I'm sorry for the near-death experience. I had debilitating allergies before I moved to Texas, but now I got nothin'. I seem to be the only one around these parts who doesn't want to die a slow, pollen death.

    I hope you find a fabulous treasure on your shopping expedition!

  2. I'm just saying- How can you be allergic to the place you were born and grew up in? Makes no sense!

  3. Allergies are kinda weird like that. I've like here for almost six years now, yet this is the first spring where I'm having allergy problems. It sucks.