Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hola Saturday!

* You can read all about my experience participating in my first Meet Up here. You can also find my amazing Tempeh Piccata recipe there.

* I am officially in love with Yogurt Land. $2.50 for a giant cup of frozen yogurt and delicious toppings? Yes please! I got the Red Velvet Batter (yum) with brownie bits (not so much), Dutch Chocolate (with Oreo bits), and Lychee Tart (fav!) with strawberries. It really hit the spot while we waited for...

* The Jen Lancaster book signing. I find her amusing and dysfunctional on a relatable level. She's also a major sassy-pants and has an attitude which I also love. She read a passage from the new book, did a quick Q&A, and then we all queued up to get our books signed. We got there an hour in advance and ended up with group G. Our group (which included the always lovely shine , Lauren, and Gofahne ). No matter the wait (about 1.5 hours), we hunkered down next to the cookbooks (bad idea, we were famished) and waited. I think I had more fun talking and reading on the floor with my girls than I did at the actual signing. Still, I love my book and love getting books signed even more. This is why I will never get a kindle or a nook or an eReader or whatever else they're calling the same thing. They have no personality, no presence. You can't get them signed or inscribe them to loved ones. They don't look impressive or majestic on a book shelf.

* Jennie's word of the day is: merriment

* Mother's Day is tomorrow and I've got nothing planned. I thought about getting my Moms flowers, but those die and with 2 cats it's kind of a hassle to find a place to put them. I could get chocolates or candy, but my Dad would probably eat a bunch of them and that's no bueno. What do you get? I'm thinking a card and the pleasure of my company (at least for a little while once I get off work). We never did a big show of Mother's or Father's Day in my house. A couple cards came in, sometimes chocolates, mostly dinner and a movie.

* Have you seen this trailer? Watch now, please:

* Yesterday I had a major case of the fitzgiggles. At first we wanted to blame the Starbucks, but how does a decaf soy frapp make you crazy? Maybe I was just hungry. This could certainly be blamed as all I had eaten that day were some cucumber rolls from Whole Foods (amazing by the way). I really think it was just lounging on the floor at Barnes and Noble and standing in line- these things make me wonky apparently! Random words kept popping into my head. "Elephant!" "White Chocolate Elephant!" God, I'm a weirdo. The positive is I kept the ladies entertained while we waited to get our books signed, and they kept me upright and out of the arms of the law. A thousand thank yous!

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