Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Goodyear Tire:

Last night I fucked my car up. One flat tire, and another one that simple exploded taking the hubcap with it. I couldn’t believe it. It is the family curse. Anytime something nice happens, something far worse is sure to follow.

So, I spent the night sitting on curb of a church parking lot waiting for AAA and my folks to show up and rescue me. First, I want to say what lovely people AAA is. The operator was very patient with me and even asked if “I felt safe”. How did she know my neighborhood so well?! Thankfully, I was just outside “Murderville” and felt pretty secure. I only saw one suspected crack head but was more concerned about the family of five walking down a busy street at night. Clearly they were members of some sort of grifter gang or rogue pack of accountants- much scarier!

When Stephen from A Tow 4 You showed up it was efficient and friendly. We agreed to take my car to the Firestone nearby and off we went. I should have known this was too easy. What did I just say about me luck? I don’t have it. The Firestone parking lot is down the street from the bar district and was covered in tow away signs. I got nervous. The girl who finally answered the number for the tow company could not assure me that my car would not get towed. She didn’t care that the car couldn’t even be driven they would find a way to take it. Added to this: Firestone has no answering machine, service, or care. Ring…ring….ring… I was going to stab myself in the ear or throw a rock at their window. Our fabulous tower saw the guy who tows from that area and drove over to ask him if we were safe there. He said yes, but Stephen didn’t trust him. He got into his truck and drove down the street to Goodyear to see if they had tow signs. They didn’t so we loaded up my car again and took it down the street. All free! A big shout out to Stephen and the fine crew at A Tow 4 You!

I called Goodyear and left them a message saying I was leaving my car outside. Their machine also listed an emergency number, so I called that one too. The guy who answered offered to send the manager out to move my car inside so it would be safer. Less then ten minutes later, one of the mechanics and his friend drove up and looked at my car.

“You know, I think I have these tires in stock. Let’s just take care of this now”

That’s right! At 10 PM on a Friday, my savior Beau and his friend opened the store, gave my mother and I free reign over the TV and put two new tires on my car. Amazing!! I couldn’t believe it.

“That’s just the kind of service we offer here at Goodyear”

You can say that again.
Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend the fine people at Goodyear. They will certainly get my business from now on. After all was said and done, I went home and passed out. Clearly, I was not supposed to leave my house. The signs could not have been clearer. Thank you thank you thank you!!


  1. Oh dear. I usually find myself at Discount Tire in this kind of mess. But I'll give Goodyear a shot next time!

  2. Yea, I love Ross Discount Tire but it's hard to be discerning that late at night. Needless to say, Firestone can suck it!