Monday, July 20, 2009

Wish I Was Here

It's about that time again when I should be taking vacation and enjoying weather much cooler than my own. My family gets together every summer in the mountains of Pennsylvania, far from what I would consider civilization and relax, drink frozen beverages all day, and swim in the lake. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get to go down the mountain to town and wander around the small shops and restaurants that only exist in movies. I miss it. It's my favorite place to go and as evident by the photos included in this blog, how could it not be?

As a Texan, I'm supposed to love the heat. I'm not supposed to sweat, just glisten. I'm supposed to laugh at the Northerners who complain, but something happened this year and I just can't do it anymore. I love their quirky ways:
-The perfect temperature for swimming in the freezing lake is about 72. Mind you, it never gets near 90 so I'm usually trotting down to the lake in a sweatshirt before I take the dramatic plunge that shocks my senses awake.
-The lake is not very big by lake standards yet I have gotten trapped in my canoe on the other side unable to make it back to the safety of the dock. Thankfully, I am a genius and always have my camera and smokes in a zip lock bag for just these occasions.
-Neighbors drop by with out warning and will stay until you make them leave. Sometimes they bring strangers with them, sometimes food.
-No one but my father and I like to leave the mountain. It's 15 minutes to town and 30 to a "city". The city's only offering is 2 fast food joints and a Walmart. But in town, we have The Dairy Bar. The greatest soft serve parlor in the world!! Plus, god bless her, my gram's cooking leaves much to be desired and we must leave to find sustenance in the real world.
-Northerners have no concept of time or space. I haven't seen my cousins in years because the 3 hour drive from Connecticut is "too far" to come for the weekend. Uh...I just came 1500 miles so get of your lazy ass and come say hi!
I wish I was there, or anywhere that wasn't here, right now. I want a vacation.

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