Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Swap!

Today is the 7th Blog Swap sponsored by 20-something Bloggers and I am happy to participate. I always miss the deadline to enter and participate for these things and am glad to have finally caught it in time. Below is the post from today's guest blogger Miranda. Check out her blog to see my take on the topic: What's the best thing about being a blogger? You can also head over to my foodie blog to hear more about my 1st time ... at a vegan restaurant, you dirty birds!


Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Hello everyone! I’m Miranda, and I usually blog over at my new place, Imperfectly Candid. But! For today I am taking over this blog, and Graygrrrl is taking over mine, for the 20SB Blog Swap (And a huge THANK YOU to her for letting me do so!). I have only “known” Graygrrrl for a couple of days, but I can already tell I like her! I sincerely hope you all will visit my place to check out her post on what blogging means to her.

I have traveled all over the country. All over the world, even. I have traveled from my home here in Kansas to Hawaii, Iowa, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York. I have also surfed the waves of California, lied on the sunny beaches of Florida, danced the rain in Seattle, clubbing with a few friends in Jersey. And if you can’t find me in the U.S.? Check my passport. I might be taking photographs in Paris, shopping in London, learning to cook in Italy, eating waffles in Belgium, firing up the “Barbie” in Australia. Yes, I am a very well traveled renaissance woman of sorts. Okay, I might be misleading you all a bit. Or a lot.

But that is what blogging does—it gives you a chance to see the world.

For full disclosure, I have been to less than half of those places (Hawaii, Iowa, Colorado, D.C., Chicago, and New York), and I have never been outside of the United States. However, I have met bloggers from all of those places, and many more.

To me, one of the truly rewarding things about blogging is having the chance to meet new people from all over the world. Just as important as the story of their lives are the stories of the places in which they live. In learning about these places we learn a lot about our world, who we are, and open our minds to new ideas—all by the simple click of a URL! Who ever said blogging could not take you anywhere?

So, tell me, where are you from? And where have you been?



  1. I'm from Hawaii and I've been to France, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Mexico and Canada. In the US I've probably been to 20 states.

    When I blog about Japan, I always start feeling joy.

  2. I've never even thought about blogging in this way before!
    Guess I'm always in Kansas, hanging out with you and Andi :)

  3. It's awesome to get to experience all these places around the world that you probably will never get to go in real life and see how much we have in common with people that live in completely different cultures from our own