Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Recap

* Once again, I am easily coerced into going out and am paying for it now. One of my favorite bars in Dallas is Barcadia. It's a bar and game arcade in one- Donkey Kong, Skee Ball, giant Jenga, and now giant connect four! It is the place for people watching on a sunny day and they make a mean Bloody Mary. I tried to be good and left there around 10 PM, but was lured out by one of my best friends. I haven't seen him in a while and totally missed his face, so I had to go. Right? Anyway, they offered me a glass of beer that never seemed to empty. It was magick (or my friend A). Now, I feel like death warmed over. At least it's a beautiful day outside, I'm layered with SPF 85, and if I drink enough water I might make it.

* At Barcadia I learned about this:

It still sounds disgusting, sorry D.

* Overheard at a bar: "You can make my pork" (Okay, maybe not actually "over heard" as it was my firefighter friend speaking to word of the day Jennie about cooking, but if that's not a Mark It line, I don't know what is)

* About a stranger at a bar that looked like the fatter version of one of our friends: "Maybe he's fat ironically". In all fairness, he was wearing a tee shirt that would be too small even on me. Dear world: If you are fat or have a "biscuit", please wear clothing that fits. Nothing draws more attention to your middle that a tiny tee shirt. Seriously, do everyone a favor and wear your actual size not your dream size. That is all.

* Today, a guy walked into our office wearing these:

They totally freak me out! I couldn't even wear flip flops until I was 18 because of an odd phobia about things between my toes, and now this! How can that be comfortable or good for you? These shoes claim to exercise your whole foot and lower leg just by walking. They also claim that regular shoes weaken your leg muscles and cause injury (according to scientists not labeled in the claim). The guy said they were super comfortable after the first few days getting used to them and runs up to 5 miles in them.
[side note: goes Kangaroo leather mean what I think it does? Ew. They do have vegan options though.]

* My Word of the Day (courtesy of Haphephobia- the morbid fear of being touched. (I think I suffer from that sometimes, especially where strangers are concerned). Bonus: Haptics- the science concerned with the sense of touch. Cool!

* Do you read Stuff White People Like ? It's seriously hilarious and on the mark. Check it out. While you're there, check out the cool new posters they're making of some of the best blog posts. I want one so bad, that should be the next "stuff white people like" post.

* As you have become aware, I am super excited about food right now. So, I created a new blog devoted to food- recipes, product recommendations, thoughts, etc. You can follow me (and you know you want to ) at Veggie Sometimes.

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