Friday, January 22, 2010

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie! OY! OY! OY!

Last night, Jennie "Word of the Day", her mother, and I went to see Eddie Izzard at the AAC. It was awesome!!!

Awesomeness #1- Our seats. With the exception of the tall girl with a rather bulbous head sitting in front of me, they could not have been more perfect! We were on the floor, in the "second" section (it was hard to tell where the front section ended and the back section began) in row "S". The stage was set up like an ancient tomb with hieroglyphs, cuneiform, Latin, Celtic, and neanderthal cave paintings written along the bottom. There were three GIANT screens, so the big head in front of me mattered even less.

Awesomeness #2- Merchandise you actually want to buy. Of course there were the requisite tour tees, but he also had mugs, DVD's, hats, beanies, bags, jackets, programs, etc. I birthed a kitten the second I walked up to the counter- joke tees. It seems redundant, but the best thing about Eddie, a stand up comic, are his jokes. They're smart and burrow into your brain, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash them at parties, work, or at the bar on your unwitting friends. A red tee read: "I'm covered in bees!" And, it was. I was so tempted to get this one, as I say that one a lot. Another read "I'm Jeff Vader", however once my eyes rested on the next shirt I knew I was done for:
The theme of this tour was the history of the world- not a lot to talk about in 2 1/2 hours! My favorite running joke of the night involved a velociraptor, usually wearing a hat. He gets caught speeding, writing poetry, organizing religion. Hilarious. Oddly, there are no photos of a raptor wearing a Dr. Watson type hat, but I did find this. A pretty good second:

I am CONVINCED there is a movie (possibly cartoon) featuring a velociraptor dressed in turn of the century garb. Or I might be thinking about "Dinosaurs" from Saturday morning cartoons...

In closing, Eddie Izzard is my homeboy and I heart him very much. If you have never seen him, put "Dressed to Kill" on your Netflix queue ASAP. It's okay, I'll wait. Do it now!

If you are familiar with him, get thee to a show next time he's in your town. In future, I'll probably pay a bit less for tickets so I can sit in chairs with cup holders in the stands (and not have to worry about large heads), then on the floor in folding chairs. With the giant screens, it may have been nice to see more and brag less.


  1. Dress To Kill..........not Dressed To Kill (that was a movie)

  2. Thank you! Dyslexia rears its ugly head yet again. I'm surprised I don't do that more often to be honest :)