Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Movie Reviews and the Bizaar World of Text Messaging

Being sick should have given me plenty of time to think of new topics of discussion for this blog. It didn't. All it did was feed my hypochondria (seriously thought I'd coughed up brain matter at one point) and give me an appreciation for "healthy living"- whatever that is.

I did see two amazing movies this week- "The Young Victoria" starring Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend (I'd like to "friend" him, if you know what I'm saying), and Paul Bettany. It was wonderful. I didn't know anything about Queen Victoria except that she reigned England for a super long time (turns out she was the longest reigning soverign- 63 years!), was the namesake for the Victorian era (awesome for art, architechture, and industry), and the urban legend about Prince Alberts piercing (probably not true). Turns out she lived a fascinating life, and as portrayed by Blunt, seems to come alive. She is definitely my 2nd runner up for the Golden Globes.

I also saw "The Hurt Locker" last night. Wow. What a picture. Did you see "Generation Kill"? You like war movies that aren't "political"? Rent this immediately. You certainly need to check this movie out. Kathryn Bigelow, director, is nominated for a Golden Globe (only the 4th time in history) and stands a chance to win. Why? She made a "male" movie in a sea of "chick flicks". Bigelow has made a career out of this type of "against cast" movie making- "Near Dark", "Point Break", "K-19: The Widdowmaker". In a recent interview (I believe with Entertainment Weekly) she expressed a desire for the time when her work will be recognized for it's weight and talent, and not on the novelty of her being a woman. Here here! I too am not a big fan of "chick" movies. I hope Bigelow wins if for no other reason that it would be awesome (2nd time- go ladies!), but because it would help open doors for other female filmmakers who want to avoid cliche boy-meets-girl movies in favor of "boy-meets-war"/horror/sci-fi/awesome movies. She's certainly carving the way in stone for those who will come after her and I would love to see her get a little help in that arena.

"The Hurt Locker" isn't so much a "war movie" or even a movie about war. It's about soldiers, about fear and sweat and machismo. It's a slice of life- the last 38 days in the rotation for Bravo company's bomb squad. Jeremy Renner is excellent- the right mix of dangerous and mortal. The cinematography is another character in itself, putting you right in the action. I bet this movie was something to see on the big screen.

That being said, I would still like to see Quentin Tarantino win.


If I could say one thing about my friends, it's that they're hilarious. If I could say two things, it's that they're hilariously weird; especially when it comes to text messages. In (odd) honor of my new favorite blog (see here), I've decided to reprint some of my favorites for your pleasure.

August 1, 2009 (in response to what I'm doing that night if I'm at home and not out as usual)

K- lemme guess lone star in hand with a napkin over the label half pack of luckys at some resident bar?

Me- nope. at home

K- What you have a guy over? Entertaining the masses? Getting all sophisticated on me? or just poor?

Me- poor. drinking martini and watching movies

K- Just checkin Figured it wasn't boons farm for you. If it was I was going to have to make a d [Dallas] flight to remind you that you are better than that.

Me- You are a good friend.

Okay, that may not be funny, but it is weird that he knew what I would be drinking, how I would drink it, etc. I guess I'm predictable.

August 19, 2009
(random response to a question i don't remember posing)

S- Is the answer Jesus?

The best come from my friend J. The man has the brilliant mind of an autistic 13 year old (please don't send letters- I mean that as a compliment. Plus, it's kinda funny so lighten up!). A sampling:

August 27, 2009
J- I used semen to defend a baby eagle from a snake. So does that make me eco friendly?

Notice how craziness seems to culminate in August?

October 21, 2009
J- I need to hide some semen somewhere on you. It's for a trick im learning.

Me- maybe you should just pull a rabbit out of a hat, but you must have a cape for it to work

J- A cape. Of course. Do you think I don't know the basics of [auxillary] magic and its teachings. Jeez.

In response to my recent illness:
J- Try cutting off the edges of your sandwiches. That should start the healing probes.

Me- Here i thought my cat had put a fatwah on me

J- Is that greek for shoelace?

It's now occuring to me that I should have focused on the "probes" protion of that text.

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