Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party Like It's Still 2009

Happy 2010 peoples! From what I can remember, I had a good one. I'm just kidding, I remember every sordid detail. The evening started with a nap (yea) and a couple fried eggs and toast for protein and buffer against the impending doom of alcohol (not as delish as I'm sure some peoples NYE meals, but this is what you're working with if you haven't been to the store in several weeks). I picked up my gal Jennie and off we went to the liquor store with only 4 minutes to spare. I have never shopped for anything that quickly before in my life! I spend more time picking up smokes at 7-11.

We visited some friend's in the 'burbs- a bitch of a drive even on a good day, let alone a holiday with nothing by crazies driving about. We met some strangers, waited for familiar faces to arrive, drank vodka shots made with True Blood (vile stuff, like super strong Cointreau, but man, it did the trick), and made a mad dash to the city before the clock struck 12.

An open note to those who choose to live in the 'burbs- No, I do not want to come to your house. Ever. I don't like travelling north of 635, assuming it's a bleak apocalypse reminiscent of "The Road". I only travel "north of the border" for family and boys. Even the boys part is a bit of a stretch.... Can't they come down here where the fun is? So, in closing, don't get mad I'm leaving your party early. I made the trek because I love you and wouldn't miss your party. Now, I'm leaving. Kisses!

After dropping Jen at a bar, I made my way to an old friend's house for a "casual and low-key" party. You would think that by now I would know that "casual" and "low-key" are code for "who knows what the frak is going to happen, but you can bet someones getting molested in a good way". Thankfully, or not, there is some photographic evidence of the great time we had:

I left out the more risque pics for your protection. It was fun! I momentarily broke the TV (damned AT&T U-verse), saw a "blue moon", told a fireman that starting a bonfire in a Teflon pot was probably a bad idea, and drank too much champagne and prosecco.

The next day, I woke up a bit worse for wear, but better than others. Up at 2 PM, dressed and out the door before 3 PM to buy groceries and hopefully burn off some booze. Surprisingly, the grocery's were busy but not packed. I'm super excited about the brownies I'm going to make tonight (I've never made them from scratch and will document for all to see), and my yummy steak dinner that's also planned.

It's traditional to go meat free on New Years (or primarily meat free, depending on your house). We always had ham growing up, but as I haven't eaten pork in well over 10 years, that's out. The whole point of specialized foods is to ensure luck and prosperity in the new year. This is why people eat black-eyed peas, pork, fish, etc. When I was growing up, I asked my mom why I couldn't just have chicken.

"Because you can't eat anything that can look back on itself. It's bad luck. You want to have a good year, right?"

Kinda morbid really if you think of it, trying to eat things without necks... I stuck to tradition though and had the most delicious Boursin Cheese Souffle (from Central Market- seriously go get one right now if you live near a store), and blackened fish and salad for dinner. Truly, I don't know if I could have kept anymore down. Oh well... I'm not one for resolutions, they're so easy to break, but it certainly couldn't hurt to kick off the new year by eating better (minus the brownies, they totally don't count since they're from scratch) and making better choices in the food I eat. Don't get me started on food origins, that'll be another blog entirely for another time.

I hope everyone had a great party and good time. Now, here's to not mucking it up in 2010.

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