Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's National Make Graygrrrl Happy Day!

Or National List Day, whichever you prefer (it would be advantageous of you to prefer the one that makes me happy). Thanks Genius Pending for bringing this fine day to my attention!

Things That Bring Me Down:
- People who don't recognize this day was made for me
- The end of Coco
- Only wanting Chick-fil-a on a Sunday
- When the phone cord gets tangled up in itself
- How only my computer in the office seems to be possessed by demons
- Children singing (although to be fair, this should really go in the "shit that creeps me out" category)

Top 5 CD's Playing in My Car This Month:
- Lady Gaga
- Tiger Army
- Drive Time German disc 3
- Air Born Toxic Event
- Pine Hill Haints

Things That Make Me Happy:
- snow days (come on Texas- this week seems prime for one)
- The words "pie", "pamplemousse", and "ausgezeichnet"
- This guy:
- Getting the final Jeopardy question correct (Seriously, how did all three contestants not know the answer to this: Category- 19th Century Literature. Answer: Chapter two of this novel begins, "My eyes were not to be deceived. I was indeed awake and among the Carpathians")
- Cooking
- Movies
-Unexpected presents
- Travel
- baby goats
- gnomes


  1. Oh I'm with you on so many of these!! First of all WHY is it that we only want Chik fil a on Sundays?? I never even think about it until I'm hungover one random Sunday... And my phone cord is constantly tangled up in my purse.

    And as far as things that make me happy...I would literally jump out of my pants if we get a snow day this week, and being able to answer the last question in jeapordy can literally make my year.

  2. List 1, item 5...let's please never let that happen again.

  3. Wow, shine... I would never have picked demonic computers as your nightmare of all nightmares!

    I keep thinking of better things (i.e. funnier) that make me happy, but of course forget them as soon as I reach for a pen. Add that to the list of stuff that makes me sad

  4. Children singing should be outlawed, the chick-fil-a thing has baffled me for years, and oh how I agree with you on the joy of unexpected presents!!