Saturday, November 7, 2009


* Super excited! Tonight is "Silent Bob Speaks" with Kevin Smith at the House of Blues. I have see all of his movies and concert DVD's. It's my understanding, we have some pretty primo seats as well. Now, all I have to do is come up with an awesome question for the Q&A section.

* Had a SciFi debate with my friend last night- Who's the biggest geek? I'm pretty sure I win, but I always think I win. Basically, I geeked out while watching a CSI rerun from earlier this year. Kate Vernon! Grace Park! Ronald Moore! I was in BSG heaven. How could my Dad not tell me about this? He knows I don't get to watch because it conflicts with too many other shows! I want to make love to the new BSG box set, complete with Cylon model. I. Want. Now.

I heart SciFi almost as much as I love horror. It is especially satiating that TV is back on the bandwagon and delivering killer shows to my home: Dollhouse, Stargate: Universe, V, Fringe, Eureka, Ghost Hunters (can't wait for Ghost Hunters Academy next week). I'm sure the list goes on. So, thanks TV! Kisses.

* Dear Philly Connection at 6334 Gaston Ave, Please suck a fuck! Thank you. I'm sorry to be so crass, but where did you learn customer service? Who quotes 45 minutes and then shows up in 10? (That might have been nice, if I wasn't busy with a client and out of the office). I'd like to thank you for leaving a message when you called to say you tried to deliver my food. Oh, what? You didn't leave a message? Huh... How was I supposed to know you came? When I called you an hour later asking about my food, thanks for the attitude. I'm sure you're busy. I'm busy too! That's why I'm ordering delivery. I don't need to hear how busy you are. I don't like the insinuation that you aren't even doing delivery today. What have I been waiting an hour for? What's worse is, I don't even like your food. I called because you were supposed to have $1.99 sandwich's again for charity. You tell me that's only on pick-up. Can you point out where it says that on your flier? Oh, it doesn't? Huh... This should have been my first indication to hang up on you. When I call to find out about my order, I'm put on hold for 7 minutes. I counted. Ok, you're busy, we'll let that slide. Your assistant manager getting on the phone and blaming me for his problem, not so much. How often do we order from you Philly Connection? How many people have we sent to you? Fuck you! I'm hungry and getting cranky. Now, I've got to find food and I'm not supposed to leave the office. So, in closing, please suck a fuck you fucking jerk offs. I hate you and will never eat there again. That includes the beautiful Birch beer you sell. I'll simply live without. Loser.

* And now, for something completely different:

Okay... That makes me feel better.

* I want to see Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and need to get to NYC before the end of April (?), May (?), I can't remember when it ends, but here's a sneak peek at the Tim Burton retrospective at the MoMa. ~Love~


  1. Ugh, sorry, but Dollhouse is a colossal failure on Whedon's fault. The only reason it's at all popular is because of the name value tied in with Whedon. He needs to drop this shitty show before he gets buried under the phone bills from Dushku phoning it in so often.

    I tried. I tried really hard to like this show, but with the clunker on the premier and the subsequent shows NOT improving, I gave up.

    And, don't get me started on Ghost Hunters Academy. This has colossal failure written all over it. They should have just given Steve his own show if they wanted to spin off a third one so badly (which is curious, as Ghost Hunters International is all but unwatchable).

  2. I couldn't agree more about GHI- who cares about these guys and why can't they catch anything half as cool as GH in Europe? Isn't that where history comes from?

    I politely disagree about Dollhouse. It sure as hell's no Firefly, but then, what could live up to that? I'm mostly attached cuz I love Tahmoh Penikett (he works for them now? What??), Henry Lennix, and Olivia Williams. Dushku needs to find whatever spark she was using in Buffy and channel it back before she makes me want to hit her in the head.

  3. If you want a real good laugh, you should watch Ghost Lab on Discovery. It's SO terrible.

    The guys doing the back up on the investigations are kind of cool, but the brothers leading the "investigations" are terrible, obnoxious, idiotic...pick a negative adjective, and it will describe them. And their whole "We'll try to draw the ghosts out" is laughable at best.

  4. Are these the guys that look like they walked out of an Ed Hardy ad? I tried to watch that once, but now I just wait for Joel McHale and The Soup to make fun of them.

  5. Yes, that's a good way to describe them! It's amazing that, no matter what they're looking for, they manage to find it. How awesome is that???

    I'm watching Ghost Hunters Academy right now. It's awful.

  6. Yea, I'll give it one more go, then it's off the DVR. I guess I'm old fashioned that way, I prefer my Ghost Hunters to also be Roto Rooter's