Sunday, November 15, 2009

Remote Control (anyone else remember that show?)

There's a shame attached to watching certain TV shows, as if you were secretly dating your best friends ex or eating ice cream out of the carton at 2 AM. I don't understand it, but I follow it. Like keeping my collection of Mandy Moore movies hidden in a box in my closet, it's a secret. The cool kids don't watch that. You're too old to like that. I thought you had taste?

So, like your first foray into AA, I am standing up- tall and proud- and declaring: My name is Graygrrrl, and I love "The Vampire Diaries"!
In the spirit of the Sunday list, I am sharing with you my most intimate of intimate (and that's including my aforementioned love of Ms. Moore): My DVR queue.

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives
Ace of Cakes
The Amazing Race (screw you football for making me miss most of this show because it ends up starting 30-40 minutes late. Don't look smug CBS! You should have anticipated this and arranged your schedule accordingly)
The Simpsons
Family Guy
The Next Iron Chef
Mad Men (I'm keeping your time slot open in honor)

Jeopardy (those damn Teen Tournament kids are smart!)
Chelsea Lately

How I Met Your Mother
Accidentally on Purpose
The Big Bang Theory
Lie to Me (Though I remember it being up against something else so I couldn't record it, but I can't find said show now...)
Chef Academy (premiere's this week, so it may not be on this list next week. We'll see)

So You Think You Can Dance
Tabitha's Salon Makeover (I watched my 1st episode of this show yesterday and what can I say? She looks like an extra in "Sleepwalkers" and people hate her. I heart!)
The Good Wife
So You Think You can Dance (results)
America's Next Top Model
Modern Family (now that Model is over)
Law & Order: SVU (Oh Stabler, how do you still have a job?)
Ghost Hunters
Top Chef: Las Vegas
Ghost Hunters: Academy (if this doesn't get more interesting, it's gone)
Eastwick (though I heard it just got cancelled)

Thursday (for the ladies):
Fringe (hand down one of the best shows on TV today)
Vampire Diaries
(I miss you 30 Rock, but I can watch you online or, more realistically, from Netflix)
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Law & Order (oh! Who saw last weeks? Connie no!)
Stargate Universe
The Soup

Usually, I tape a couple movies here. This week, I'll be recording "Brokeback Mountain" on Bravo
Saturday Night Live (depending on host)

*Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (depends on location)
*Any talk show with a good guest (Did you see Ian Sommerhalder get molested by Rosie O'Donnell last night on Jimmy Fallon?)
*House Hunters & House Hunter's International
*My First Place
*Arrested Development (replaying on IFC)
*The Graham Norton Show
*Good Eats
*Miscellaneous food shows
*Monty Python's Flying Circus
*Cash Cab

Stand proud. Shout loud. It's okay to like TV (even if it's bad).


  1. I heart triple D! I don't even eat half the crap they show on that show (being a vegetarian and all), but I adore it nevertheless. And Ace of Cakes...I just drool and laugh for a half-hour straight!

    My friend Danny is going to be on Lie to Me tomorrow as the "troubled teen" around which the episode centers. He's ridiculously pretty. I DVR'd it. (The addicition is already in full force!)

  2. Oh!! I'll be sure to check it out! Did you catch Natalie Portman on Top Chef this season? She was this years celebrity vegetarian challange. I thought the chefs this year did the best job of any season so far. There were tons of things I would have eaten.

  3. HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office are my two standout favorites. That, and basically anything on Discovery or G4.