Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear John...

So, the scanner at work isn't working, but I'll be damned if I don't post this after I spent all of 5 minutes writing it! Please enjoy the brilliance of my camera phone:

Tanscribed for your pleasure

Not one to be left off the bandwagon, I too am posting my handwriting for all to witness! This is how most of my writing is: a collection of script and print.
Sometimes, I get caught up in what I'm writing (who am I kidding- all the time), and it becomes difficult for even me to read as letter routinely get laid off or blend unintelligibly. This (<-) is most often the case where "u" or "w" is concerned.
I get compliments on my handwriting though, which blows my mind!


The Main Offenders:

7, Z, 2, f + y= y as in for your (okay, that came off better than normal)

e or E, m or M, R

I (no dot ever!)

this- quickly becomes- Ths (kinda looks like "y" as well, huh)

I mentioned in the lovely Shine's post how I was forced to write in graph paper when I was younger, probably around 7 or 8. My father's handwriting is atrocious and we wanted to spare me such humiliation. Funny, how he never made my younger sister do it. Perhaps

knew I would be the writer. Either way, god bless her, her handwriting can become/is quite unruly. I do love the sharp angles she creates though.


This is what writing in graph paper looks like. Fun huh? Now repeat...

My only real problem with my handwriting, is that I can't stop myself from griping [sic] gripping the pen so hard I get tired after a page + a half. Not so good for a girl who hates typing creative writing/free-flowing thought. I get easily distracted by all the red + green squiggly lines. (What do they want?! Yes, I know that's a

fragment. Maybe I did it on purpose, huh?)

So,...buttons. Wouldn't it be great for a handwriting analyst (graphologist according to Wikipedia) look @ all these blogs + interpret out personality? I love those things! I did it once at the State Fair. Kinda cool, but so vague. I guess that's what I get for using a machine.



  1. I grip the holy hell out of my pens too. I can't even get through a paragraph without leaving an indention in the paper beneath the one I'm using. This is similar to how I smush the phone to my ear and grip it like I'm about to get the most important news of my life. (It never is.) Why do we do this?

  2. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I love to press my phone against my ear too. It's a real hazard when the other person has "cell-yell"

  3. You have beautiful handwriting! And, I was mae to practice holding my pencil (fat lot of good that did) and drawing straight lines... I think he gave up after that!

  4. Love seeing the handwriting. I may have to get in on this one day soon as I'm one of the proud few that a) LOVES to write on paper still and b) is still pretty proud of my handwriting. Cute, cute post miss lady!