Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eye Spy With My Little Eye...

On my way home from work yesterday, I drove the long way down my street so I could take in all the trick-r-treaters and haunted houses. It was madness! The ice cream carts sold Halloween dealy-boppers (spelling? You know what I'm talking about- those head bands with antennae), vendors with cotton candy lined the street, someone was selling glow in the dark swords. Crazy.

Here's a quick pic with my partner in crime that evening at one of the parties we stopped at:

She's a Brownie and I'm, well, I'm in my go to costume (this year with bloody eyes!). We had a great time. Thank you Daylight Savings! This Sunday's list is sponsored by Halloween Parties:

Best Costumes of the Evening:

- Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”
- Brian from “Family Guy” in his Peanut Butter Jelly Time outfit
- A couple of “Boondock Saints”
- Gallagher (with mallet)
- A woodland Brownie
- Female Ghostbuster
- Sexy sailor w/her Army boyfriend (contradiction is good!)
- Bloodied zombie
- Weather ballon w/Falcon inside
- Whoppie Cusion
- Couple of “Beerfest” guys

And from my Facebook, I found these gems:

- “Star Trek” (2009) Gaila (the green lady) with Kirk
- A classic Playboy Bunny (did I mention it was a dude?)
- Quailman
- The chick from the Progressive Insurance ads
- The Invisibles
- Awesome Rogue
- The cast of “Clue”

And, online, I found:

- Several “Shaun of the Dead” Shaun’s
- Bender from “Futurama”
- The Rocketeer (I love that movie!)
- Wall-E and Eve
- The opera singer from “The Fifth Element”
- Sock Monkey (it was a baby, but come on! That’s adorable)
- The Basterd’s (mostly Donny)
- The Maitland’s after leaving their caseworker’s office (stretchy faces= good)
- YouTube video

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I'd love to see or hear about more awesome costumes! The countdown to my Birthday begins today as well. Hola November!

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  1. Thanks for the costume shout out! Vet students go BIG! we might have the party next year, but its all up to the 3rd year roomies! You looked great! See you soon:-}