Monday, September 21, 2009

How I Spent My Sunday Night, or The 61st Annual Emmy Awards

Last night was the 61st Emmy Awards. All in attendance looked ravishing. There were no major fashion faux pas I could see (not including Ricky Gervais’ green tux- that may have been for laughs, and the poor winner for Direction in a Mini-Series whose bodice did not fit. Hell, it looked down right uncomfortable). Immediately after watching, I called my mother to gossip about the winners and how we liked the show. She was not impressed, I was.

Here are some of my reasons:
*Neil Patrick Harris- He shined while hosting the Tony’s earlier this year, and I was so glad they gave him a higher profile event. There’s nothing better than someone who giggles at their own jokes. His opening song could have been better; it was hard to hear some of the lyrics, but otherwise ok. When he lost out to Jon Cryer for Supporting Actor and then interrupted him in the pressroom, genius. The interruption in the broadcast by Dr. Horrible was hilarious, although one of my Mother’s least fav moments. It certainly helps if the people at home have some idea what you’re talking about. 4 out of 5 stars.

*The dance number w/ the cast of “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Question: What does Cat Deely have to do to get a nomination?!? Also, if the Academy is recognizing how much America loves dance shows, how about moving the choreography award to prime time??
* I thought the Comedy Supporting Actress Nominees and their glasses were hilarious! Note to Vanessa Williams: You are not too cool for school. What a jerk to not participate.

*Ken Howard. The veteran movie and TV star won his first Emmy and thanked Jeannie Epper for her gracious donation of a kidney. For those of you who don’t know, Epper is one of the greatest female stuntwomen of all time. She comes from a 4-generation legacy of stuntmen and women. For an interesting look at her and the history, as well as future, of stuntwomen; rent "Double Dare" .

* The number of 1st time winners and nominees: Toni Collete, Ken Howard, Kristen Chenowith, Cherry Jones, Jessica Lange, Brendon Gleeson, Shohreh Aghdashloo (you should really look up her story, it’s incredible), and Jon Cryer. See movie stars, you shouldn’t snub television. You could get a big pointy statue all your own.

* The advice segments: nominees for Direction and Writing were asked to give advice to those interested in getting into that profession. Some of the best ones: When “Mad Men” writer/creator had to share a couch with the couple making out next to him (husband and wife writing team Andre & Maria Jacquemetton).

* Dividing the show by category. Some scoffed at what they called "The Academy's disregard for Variety and Mini-Series. Don't they know that's when we switch the channel and go to the bathroom?" Well, duh. To the naysayers, I have news for you: They don't think you're watching this live in the 1st place, so why would they care if you're in the bathroom or not? I appreciated that there was break in the telecast where I could comfortably pause my DVR and make a snack. I watch every second of these telecasts anyway, and it is so much nicer not to have to guess when I can get up and go. Thank you!

What I didn’t like:
* Too many nominations for the same show, often in the same category. I love “Mad Men”. Let me repeat, I LOVE “Mad Men”, however; do I think they had 4 of the 5 best written episodes? No. What fun is there in the competition if you have a better than average shot at winning? Perhaps the Academy should treat writers for sitcoms and dramas the same way they do variety shows: Lump them all together. It is rarely if never the case that one episode stands out to the viewer as “the best”. Instead, we say things like, “That show has the best writing!” Wouldn’t it be more fun to see a show down between “Mad Men”, “Lost”, “Dexter”, “House”, and “Big Love”? Who would win if Tiny Fey and crew were pitted en masse against “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Weeds”, “Flight of the Concords”, and “Family Guy”? I would be far more riveted and less likely to skip ahead on my DVR.
* On a similar front, at some point, you should have enough awards. I’m looking at you “The Amazing Race”! 7 Emmy’s in the same category? That’s obscene. “Top Chef”, start campaigning now! I’d vote for you if I could. How about “So You Think You Can Dance”? What other reality show brought tears (not blood from my retina’s bleeding) to our eyes last year? If you have won twice before in a row, please sit out the next year. I promise no one will forget about you or your amazing performance, Alec Baldwin. * No love for “Generation Kill”, one of the greatest shows to ever grace your TV set. Also, where was “True Blood” in the nominations? Anna Paquin won a Golden Globe for chrissakes. She can’t get any Emmy love?


  1. Agreed. Anna Paquin should have one solely based on her commitment to being topless. Yes, even if they had to create a new category for it.

  2. Can we just rename the whole thing "The 30 Rock Awards" and call it a day? I stopped watching once it was all 30 Rock all the time.

    NPH was fabulous, but I think the audience sometimes let him down. And I really honestly just thought Vanessa Williams was playing to her character on Ugly Betty. In which case, saying no to the glasses was the perfect thing to do.

    I agree...a big BOO on some shows being nominated four of five times in one category. Shove it dudes. Even if you are awesome, let's at least TRY to make things interesting.

    And where in hell were the SYTYCD nominations? Did that happen off-screen? I'll admit to not paying close attention unless NPH was talking. I was reading for my book club.