Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Saturday: I'm floating in a sea of Randomness

Oh boy, do I have some random things to talk about. It seems once I started writing them down, I couldn't stop!

*The other day, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Sometimes my make-up is so on point, I think I look like a drag queen!"
*Dear walkers, joggers, and all around fitness nuts: Walk AGAINST traffic or I will be forced to run you down with my car. Seriously, don't get mad and shake your fist at me when you get startled to find there is a car on the road.

*Dear eHarmony: Calling yourselves a "relationship site" and not a "dating site" isn't fooling anyone.

*Some people should never wear cowboy hats. I'm looking at you Casey Affleck!

*I've been watching a lot of late night MTV, Fuse, etc. and I have no idea what is going on. Shakira? What the hell are you doing? I'm glad there's music on at some point in the day (even if it is 3 AM), but I am officially old. I don't get it. Please explain it to me. I think in the 45 minutes I was toggling between channels I saw one band- one group of people playing an instrument.

*On a similar note: Can someone tell me the difference between Jet and The Donnas besides the obvious? I just heard the new Jet song on the radio and if you substituted Bret Anderson for Nic Cester and you've got a Donna's song. I was reading something the other day about the difference between music critics and music writers and how one group believes the music is the most important thing while the other believes it's the lyrics. I have to say, I believe it's a combination of both. See the success of the above two mentioned bands. Clearly lyrics are not the winner here. In fact, lyrics don't seem to be the winner in ANY modern music played on the radio. However, most will not be remembered in 20 years and will not make it to the oldies station. Oh god, that reminds me. When did the classic rock station start playing music from the 90's?

*An Open Letter to the Masses: Toilet paper goes over not under. I don't want to have to dig around the back of the roll looking for the end. You're not helping anyone. From here on out, all toilet paper will be installed properly or I will confiscate your rolls. I will appreciate them a lot more than you, clearly.

*Obliviousness: 1 : lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention 2 : lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness —usually used with of or to. See also: people who block the driveway of apartment complexes entering the gate code when the gate is already open. I'm disturbed that these people are behind the wheel.

*I keep losing pieces of Tupperware. I have the lid, but not the base, or vice verse. Where are the going? Are there storage gnomes that come and steal bits at night? At least they've left my socks and underwear alone!

*Yesterday at Taco Bell I saw this t-shirt: "All stressed out and no one to CHOKE". Um...No. Quit it!

*I don't remember Saved By The Bell being so bad. However, I am thankful for the mini marathon playing right now.

*New curse word: Fun. As in, "Go fun yourself!" or "What the fun?!"

*Overheard today at work: "Why can I never find someone to rob?" [side note: I am no longer interested in you Mafia Wars. You can suck it!]

And now, for my comic of the day:
Thank you Married to the Sea


  1. Just found this while going through my dashboard: It seems I am not the only one inon the great TP debate.
    Also, according to Google Images, there are approximately 956,000 TP debate images. Seriously.

  2. We think a lot alike, lady. I agree on all of the above! (I know that doesn't make for an interesting comment, but meh. I'm sure we'll have something to debate on here at some point.) Tho I don't think you look like a drag queen; I for one appreciate meticulous makeup, especially when given a stylistic slant, such as yours. Ku-dos.

    I was just talking to my brother yesterday about how much I hate the "with the flow of traffic" law for joggers (which I now pronounce "yogging" with a soft "j" a la Ron Burgundy) and bike riders; I mean, we know how stupid most drivers are. It's like little road snacks just dancing within one's eyeline. Poor planning really.

  3. Really? I was always under the impression that walkers/joggers had to go against traffic, bikes, etc with. When did that change? Who came up with that? Clearly, they want people to be struck by cars. What a bunch of idiots.

  4. I did my own makeup last night! With BRUSHES!

    And my toilet paper is always over. People who do it any other way (including leaving it on the back of the toilet) should be drawn and quartered.

  5. Shine- I could not be more proud if I had birthed you from my loins!