Friday, September 11, 2009

So this is working?

I've been posting a lot of "I'm bored"'s on Twitter and Facebook . You may be thinking, "Geez, what a complainer" or "Wow! How lucky" or "Doesn't she have anything better to do?". You would be correct on many or all of those thoughts. Here is how I spent my day:

*On facebook playing Vampire Wars and tending to my Farm Town. I also re-posted some links (that's my favorite).

*Checking my email

*Answering the phone (it rang twice)

*Reading Blogs (a bog shout out to Genius Pending for his list of things he no longer cares about. Dude- you totally stole my idea for today's post!)

*Looking up concerts on

*Looking up places to buy caviar

*Looking up shoes to buy

*Playing Bloodlines on facebook

*Checking in with my myspace account because I kinda forgot I still had one but cannot delete because transferring the pictures would take too long

*Reading "Long Days Journey into Night" (shouldn't reading a play take no longer than watching said play?)

*Talking to my boss

*Talking to residents (I spoke to 2)

*returning emails

*I did do some real work today- I emailed a bunch of prospects. Only one has returned my query.

*Counting down the time til I get to go home, relax for 30 minutes, then leave for a brain storming meeting with Head Mess Misstress .

*Feeling the area where I bit the inside of my mouth. Totally sucks by the way.


That's pretty much it. Couldn't be more bored. I'm really just worried, because not being busy directly reflects my paycheck amount. I can't afford to do nothing, but there is nothing I can do to help. It's a conundrum.

How did you pass the time today?


  1. My day looks a lot like yours, minus the Facebook gaming. That and I buy my caviar from Safeway just like everyone else.

    And ooh! That's some hot link action!

  2. Why, thank you for noticing! I recently became proficient in that one HTML skill.