Saturday, October 17, 2009

heart nola, vol II

So today has been a long and painful one. I really should have stretched yesterday as my knee is killing me. Favoring my other leg will lead to pain in the ankles and one hip before the end of today. But enough about my elderly self, let's talk sight seeing!

We started the day bright and early, around 10 AM. My lovely friend Megan had joined us late last night and by 12:30, we were spent and sore. This morning we tried to go for beignet's at Cafe du Monde but the line stretched past the square. Let me begin by apologizing, it was the daiquiri's talking, but the square in question is Jackson Square, not Jefferson. We were famished and needed coffee so off we went in search of alternate beignet's. We found a lovely place on Royal Street called Cafe Beignet . There beignet's and cafe au lait for two will only set you back $11 and you can sit in a beautiful and semi-private courtyard. I have to say, while Cafe du Monde may be the famous place to go, Cafe Beignet was more up our alley- quiet, peaceful, and void of the smell of horse manure.

Afterward, we trekked back to the hotel and picked up the car. I had to go to St. Louis No.1 Cemetery. It was everything I hoped for. Towering crypts and tumbled down remnants stand side by side in the cities oldest cemetery. It was a photographers dream. The saddest thing was seeing the number of graves that had collapsed and no one had gotten around to fixing them yet. On the other hand, the newest additions seemed almost out of place next to crypts dating back to the 18th and 19th century, many written in French.

Afterward, we drove along St. Charles and took pictures of the grand Garden District homes, including the one once belonging to Anne Rice. We came back up Esplanade and ate at Port of Call , a hamburger joint that locals say is the best. On an average day, the wait is at least 45 minutes. The converted house cannot seat more than 40 and that includes at the bar. We ordered huge cocktails and waited patiently outside in the crisp air. The burgers are great, and they should be considering that and a steak are the only thing on the menu! A must!

A friend of Mindi's met up with us and we drove back to the quarter. Megan had missed walking around in the daylight, so we re-visited the square and walked around the nations oldest outdoor market. By about 5, we were spent, so it was off to the room for a little R and R, but not before a stop at the Daiquiri stand for a frozen White Russian- to die!

I gotta tell you, I was really hurting at this point. All I wanted to do was elevate and soak the pain away. It's hard when you can't really take any pain meds because you know you'll be drinking later and you can't coat yourself in Ben Gay like usually because your trip mates will want to kill you.

Mindi went off to a wedding reception and left Megan and myself to our own defenses. I remembered walking past a gyro place earlier but neither of us could remember where it was. We walked half way down Bourbon, turned around, and found it one block from our hotel. French Quarter Cocktail does not serve cocktails to my knowledge, but the do make a fine gyro! It was the perfect cheap fix before a night of more drinking. I'm pretty sure my liver hates me right now, but I keep telling it: "After this, we won't be drinking anything for quite a while. Hang in there!"

Sitting back in the hotel bar, waiting for Mindi to get back so we can tear up Bourbon (I can't wait to go to this bar called The Dungeon!), I'm sipping a Sazerac , another New Orleans original. Legend, or Wikipedia, says it was the first cocktail invented in America. Whether that's true or not, it is delicious and caps off another night fulled by Bourbon goodness.

More to follow!

Daiquiris: 1
Times I uttered the word "fantastic": 12
Times Mindi or I said the word "vacation": 88
Times I asked if I could take (this drink) outside: 2
Cigarettes indoors: none yet
Almost hitting a pedestrian: priceless (or once)

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