Saturday, October 10, 2009

Samstag ist auf Deutsch gelegentlich

* I spent the last two nights on a bit of a bender, first celebrating a friends birthday and second celebrating a night out of the house and great karaoke. No, that is not a typo or an oxymoron, karaoke can be good, it can be fun, it can be enjoyable! Last night, my local hangout hosted a punk club reunion. These events are the latest craze it seems: get a bunch of old bands from a club that closed 10 years ago and host a party in its memory. What started as a mild annoyance (who are all these people and why are they at my bar?) turned into delight. Everyone who got up to sing was great and the song choice was the best I'd heard in years. Badfinger, Depeche Mode, Survivor. It seemed like as good a time as any to dust off an old standard: "Too Drunk to Fuck" by the Dead Kennedy's. PS- it was awesome! Anywho, this night also lead to some amazing conversation I'd like to share with you now:

- An older gentleman got up to sing with his backup singer/dancer/mime. His choice: Barenaked Ladies "If I Had a Million Dollars". His style: Smother's Brothers. It was awesome! You think that song was funny? You don't know nothing yet!

- "Baby Squirrels. Like schnauzers but cattle" For years I have been obsessed with baby squirrels. What do they look like? Why do you never see them running around? Where are they?!? I shared my concerns/amazement with my friend Lauren and she immediately became obsessed. Last night, the question was finally answered. She saw a news story all about baby squirrels. Apparently, they look just like regular squirrels but miniature. The above quote came from that conversation. As soon as I heard it, I just had to write it down.
[side note: I don't buy this baby squirrel is miniature regular squirrel with out photographic evidence! I want pictures people!]
- The best response to a somewhat awkward exchange: Upon my friend grazing my boob in conversation and me doing the same in retaliation, she claimed it was not her fault as my boobs were too big and possible getting bigger. I said, "Every time you touch them they get bigger". Her boyfriend replied, "Funny, that happens to me too!". Best quote of the night!

- The nicest thing anyone's said to me this week comes courtesy of my pal CJ: "You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. So stand down!"

* You ever played that game, Who Would Play You in a Movie? This is similar to the "You Know Who You Look Like Game?" Every now and then, this game gets played on me. "Excuse me. Who do people say you look like most?" I don't mind answering this question, I mean who would? The problem lies in whether or not you think the answer is flattering or not. The person I most hear I look like is Uma Thurman. I find this favorable, but it really depends on the movie and year to which they are referring. Because of my hair, its usually Pulp Fiction and I say "thank you". What bothers me (I'm not sure that's the right word...) is that the vote is 50/50 on the attractiveness of Ms Thurman. What makes someone beautiful? Well, we know scientists and artists agree its symmetry. The relative proportion of your eyes, nose, mouth to one another and their proportion to you face. While no face or body can be completely symmetrical, those that are closest to it are deemed more lovely. Today, an exaggeration of any said feature can result in a positive response.
I always like the look of Uma. She was different, "ugly pretty" as I would later call it. There's something about her... I hope that this is a complement. I know my Dad was pretty shaken up when I said he would be played by Bill Murray. I don't see why that's bad. I love Bill Murray! Of course, what I really wanted to say was if Bill Murray and Kevin Klein had a baby, that baby would play him in a movie. My Mother is played by Susan Sarandon or Francis Fisher. My sister is played by Liv Tyler. What a beautiful family portrait!
* I've started learning German, hence the title of this post. I can't say I'm doing very well. I feel very confident pointing out cars and buildings and describing them as big or little. I've got my basic colours down and can count to twelve. I've got everything my father tried to teach me and I promptly forgotten. What's really funny, is if I don't know the word in German I use the word in French. I figure 4 years of French should come in handy sometime, why not now? It is certainly a bit problematic with learning another language. Why am I doing this again? Why don't I just focus on bettering the one foreign language I kinda know? No idea. I blame my friend who gave me these cd's. Unfortunately, she's still on disc 1 while I'm on disc 2; so the practicing that is supposed to be happening is not.

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