Saturday, October 31, 2009

Postcard from Murderville: Halloween Edition

It's Halloween in Murderville, what a glorious sight! I heart Halloween, as I'm sure you've gathered, and may love it even more since I moved to my current digs. Just two blocks up the road from me, lies an oasis in the heart of Murderville. One of the oldest boulevards in Dallas, it is lined with McMansions and beautiful magnolia trees. What's even better, it's populated with people who love to celebrate holidays. Almost every house participates in Halloween and Christmas, making it one of the best drives to and from work in the country.
Every year, workers come in the wee morning hours to begin setting up the festivities. Caution tape lines the sidewalks directing trick-or-treater traffic. Those few houses that don't wish to participate, simply block their drive with the tape. There are very few of these, and I'm always surprised they don't get TP'd or egged. One house has a cemetery, complete with rolling fog and an inflatable Ghost Rider. I saw the above gem on my way to work and had to pull over. Another always builds a haunted house in their garage and backyard. You think you've seen Halloween? Did your block get an estimated 10,000 trick or treaters last year? Mine did. I only hope I can escape before the likely hood of hitting a reveler or pissing off a parent becomes impossible.
[side note: I love the festivities, you know I do, however; I live here. As such, I am afforded the right to exit my driveway with out you yelling profanities at me in front of Spiderman over there. Knock it off. See also: joggers]

I'm sitting a work right now racking my brain for a costume idea. I've thought of several since yesterday, but they all involve a lot more preparation. Have no fear! I am writing them all down. Now, I just have to remember I did that and not lose the notebook. Best suggestion came from my friends Solly and Austin after we watched "Zombieland". "You should go as #406!" Genius! Do I need a teal cardigan as well, or would a "Hello! My name is 406" name tag work just as well? I was already leaning towards zombie...

Hope everyone has a safe and haunted Halloween! Pics and stories to come.
On an unrelated note, there is an interesting article on farming and climate change that can be found here. I am a huge supporter of organic farming and strongly believe we should know what we are putting into our bodies. Whether you feel the same way, or don't care, this article is some food for thought. More to follow when it actually fits in with the theme of the post. I just couldn't resist a bit of randomness, it is Saturday after all.

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  1. Hey I recognize that Gorilla from our local Dodge Dealership!