Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meat Free Tuesday- Success! And, Why TV and Movies Are Pissing Me Off.

So, Monday I failed at my first ever Meatless Monday, but I redeemed myself with a Meatfree Tuesday. A big shout out to genius pending for the best comment I think I've ever received on a post. Not only did it include profanity, but I felt it was a big high five to Texas. Or, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Tuesday I planned the whole thing out, kinda, and more importantly remembered what I was supposed to do that day. Breakfast was whole grain toast with honey. Lunch was a salad with my "world-famous" shallot dressing. Dinner was a lot more fun to come up with as I didn't know I was going to do this when I went to the grocery last week, so my choices were a bit slim. I knew I as going to saute the last of my fresh green beans in a little olive oil and garlic, but other than that- no clue.

My favorite dish when I go out for tapas, Spanish tapas that is, is potatoes in a piquant sauce. Basically, potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, often served with crème fraiche, sour cream, or an herb aioli on top. Delish! So, I decided to make my version of this dish. It was Delicious and spicy and satisfying. So good!!

This just came on my radar and I wanted to share it with you. I promise to never become too crunchy (I am not a hippie), but if you are like minded I thought you should know. The USDA is deliberating over whether or not to allow GMO (a genetically modified organism) in certified organic produce (the current case is specific to alfalfa). Their stance is that consumers don't care if produce is genetically altered, even those certified organic. I'm pretty sure altered organic produce is an oxymoron as organic products is supposed to be free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically altered. If it has any of these traits, it's not organic. Period. To allow them to alter one foodstuff would open the door to genetic tampering in all organic produce. If you like to eat organic, to ensure that what you are eating is the closest to growing it in your own backyard, then join me in sending a letter to the USDA saying we DO have a voice and it should be heard. You can find more information, as well as a virtual letter to send, at True Food Now . The Center for Food Safety works to "protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture". Basically, they want you to have a choice in what you buy and give ways to support local and organic production, end factory farming, and support the environment in the US.

Okay, I'm going to get off my soap box. And now for something completely different:

An Open Letter to Writer's of TV and Film: Hey guys, just want to let you know I appreciate all you do. However, I've got a bone to pick with you- research. I know you have researchers looking into the history, reality of locations, time periods, etc; yet you seem to throw caution to the wind on a regular basis. Example Case #1: Have you ever been to New York in winter? I have, several times. Never have I seen someone walking down the street in a lightweight jacket, open, with no scarf. It's quite the opposite- heavy parkas, scarves, hats, gloves, boots. The craziest thing I saw was a woman without a hat in 20 degree weather. I'm sure there are "crazies" out there who dress likes it's perpetually 75 (I know we have them in Texas), but they are few and far between. Would it really ruin your shot if your actor zipped up their coat? Wore a kicky hat? Gloves? I highly doubt it.

I'd also like to address your feelings about recorded history and artifacts. What the French? Would "Public Enemies" be any less effective if you showed that Dillinger was outlived by the majority of his gang instead of them all dying before him? No, and on a positive note the movie probably would have been shorter and viewers would learn something (which I thought was the point of a biopic). Furthermore, you were a stickler to detail and historical accuracy in the actual death of John Dillenger, so now I'm even more confused.

Last night I was watching disc 2 of "Hex", a BBC drama about a young witch who's best friend's a ghost and is impregnated by a fallen angel (aka Awesome). I understand you're already stretching belief with the fantasy theme, but did you need to misrepresent Egyptian hieroglyphics as well? They're read top to bottom, left to right. Not side to side. Clearly someone must have done some research to find the symbols used (don't get me started there); did they not also discover how they were written? And, in what universe is an Egyptian named Hera? Probably not this one. You made me sad BBC. So very sad.

In closing, reality is more interesting than fantasy. If you're going to change the past, have the courtesy of doing it in a big bold way a la "Inglourious Basterds". Don't do it half-assed.

We wonder why the youth of today are ignorant of history and truth- Just look to TV and movies, the main source of their education. I know that John Stewart is a comedian with hilarious views purposefully skewed to the right for laughs. I also know "The Daily Show" is not a source for real news anymore than "The Onion" or "Weekend Update" on "SNL" is. They're entertainment shows. Hopefully, they cause the viewer to research it's topics more. I don't even care if you're using wikipedia as long as you're trying to better yourself and your education. Come on writers- why so lazy?

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