Saturday, February 13, 2010

Randomly Olympic

* Who watched the Opening Ceremonies last night?? I thought they were lovely. The inclusion of the aboriginal people, the quotes read by Donald Sutherland, the horrifying outfits worn by the German delegation. Very lovely. I was kind of bummed though that Cirque du Soleil didn't perform. They are certainly what I think of when I think about Quebec. Speaking of which, I don't remember seeing anything specifically French-Canadian. All they got was a fiddler in a canoe? Kinda unfair. Oh well... Now to go back about not caring about the Olympics.

* Speaking of what I'll be doing instead of watching the Olympics; I am very saddened by the BBC and Netflix. As you know, I have become totally geeky for "Hex"- Oh it's so good! The other night I finished the 1st season and was already anxious for more. When I went online to move season 2 up my queue I discovered it- Season 2 is not available. At all. For who knows how long. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe I could just buy it. NO!! It's not even out on DVD in the US. What the frak? This think came out in 2005. Get on the ball! Why would you release season 1 (in '07 mind you) and then not release the 2nd (and final!) season. Are you trying to make me cry? Well, it worked.

* Why are all warm climate countries with only 1 delegate in the winter Olympics all alpine skiers?

* Jimmy Fallon has been a bit hit or miss since taking over the Late Show. His interview style has evened out and he seems less nervous. Case in point: Robert is Bothered ; where Fallon as Robert Pattinson tells us what bothers him. No need to start at the beginning (I jumped in after catching the Valentine's skit on TV), just click on what ever looks best. I'll wait * I think I have an estrogen problem. I totally teared up last night while watching the ceremonies (the path that poor little torch too!). My friend Lauren pointed out this is happening to everyone. Either we're just getting older (= crying emotion) or it's because we're ladies. Now, I have only been accused of that last bit once and I don't think they were being complimentary. However, isn't there a pill or something I could take to turn this all off? I don't want to be a blubbering idiot or have to poke myself in the eye for a valid excuse as to why I'm getting misty. I only want to be a lady if I can walk around in "Mad Men" attire and smoke and drink indoors during the day.

* Jen's word of the day is: Falafel (nope, I have no idea why; that's why she picks them- no method to the madness)

* The only thing good about working on the weekends is NSFW viewing. No one sitting behind me to judge or be offended. Things like this , and this , and... oh I gotta find another one... this one !

* Did you watch "Robert is Bothered"? I know! Hilarious! "Get on the fuck train, and take off!"
* "It's like getting stabbed in the mouth... Mark it!"- Today was all about crab rangoon. I've been thinking about it for days. Unfortunately, it was basically fried cream cheese (where's the crab?!). The above statement came about after I dipped my bland egg roll into what turned out to be the most evil/awesome mustard I've ever eaten. My eyes welled up and all I could do was grimace and waft my hands in front of my face.

* My favorite comic of the week:

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