Friday, February 26, 2010

This Was Not What I Planned, But That Seems To Be Going Around

There must be something in the water around here. No one seems able to run their original blog idea. I too had something very different planned for today, but of course forgot it at my house. I do this all the time, you should know. It's a miracle if I can leave the house only going back twice for something I forgot. Forget about leaving and getting it right the first time- never happened! What makes it worse for me, is that I specifically reminded myself on the way home for lunch, "Don't forget your blog". Oh yea, did I mention I wrote the whole thing out last night? I mean, I was on fire! Now, if only I can remember to put it in my purse when I get home, you will be able to read it tomorrow. I'll give you a clue: it's about the movies. Big surprise. It's making me nervous thinking about it sitting there, all alone, hopefully not covered in cat vomit (oh yea, my cat threw up 3 times while I was there for lunch), underneath the coffee table. I hope it's okay.

The other annoying thing about today is my right eye is twitching again. I haven't had any caffeine outside of some Girl Scout Tagalong's in at least a week. I'm full of Potassium supplement. I've got fairly new contacts in. While my life is a great big stress ball and last week was one of the worst ever; this week seems to be flying by. It could be better sure, but I don't think any more stressful than usual. Why does this keep happening. Is there a doctor at this blog? What can I do?

Oh, I love Google. I just found this site called Eye Twitching . Turns out everything about my life is causing my eye to twitch. It's finally caught up to me- lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, computer screens, vitamin deficiency, you name it. Problem is, there is no reasonable cure. I can't take off from work because of eye twitching. I'd love a massage- never had one!- but can't afford it. Same is true with the chiropractor. I think my insurance covers it, but I still have to find one that's not a quack (which is hard since I think they're all quacks). "Relaxing tub soak" actually doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. Hell, I'm the one who wants the scientists working on The Jetson's technology stat!

Hopefully, tonight I can unwind, get a bit schnockered (how to you spell that?), and my eye will leave me alone for the rest of the weekend. It's too cold outside for people to think I'm coming on to them and winking. The always enjoyable company of shine, gofhne, and natalie, will help. I sure hope so.

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  1. Oh, the steep price of the fabulous lives we lead: an ever-twitching eye. I'm sorry you're still having these issues. I am sure the best advice would be to take it easy and start limiting the activities you mentioned that exacerbate the issue, but we'd miss you far too much. Your eye is just going to have to take one for the team, it seems.