Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's up Netflix!!

I can only blame the Olympics and my mad schedule this week for so few reviews. Oh well.

Hunger-- 5 stars-- Last night I opened a bottle of wine and sat down to watch "Hunger"- Wow! Steve McQueen makes not only one of the best feature debut's I've ever seen, but one of the most arresting and beautiful movies of the decade. His experience as a visual and performance artist really shows through- the framing of each scene could easily be a still photo/piece of art. The raw and truthful performances he elicits from his cast are a step above. The focus has been on Michael Fassbender (and deservedly so), however we must not overlook the other actors also laid bare before the camera. At times, Hunger made me angry, sad, hopeful, shocked, and proud. McQueen uses all the tools in his belt (never in an over handed way) to draw us in- extended periods of silence, static camera movements, lighting, and sound. It seems all 5 senses are at work while watching this film. Fassbender delivers a career making performance (I can't wait to see what he does next!!). With a glance of the eye, a deep inhale of smoke, the shuttering of his body; Fassbender makes us a witness in the room to the action, not a couch potato. His 22 min uncut scene with Liam Cunningham is magnificent. It is a real testament to this film, to McQueen, to the actors; that a static 2 shot is so compelling. I loved this movie and recommend it to anyone with an interest in "The Troubles" or more simply anyone with an interest in people and the human condition.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1 & 2—4 stars— My guy friends have been ranting and raving about "It’s Always Sunny…" for what seems like forever. Finally, tired of their harassment, I put it in my queue. Damn- they were right. It is hilarious! I'm actually surprised it's on American TV- it is gross, politically incorrect, and darkly humorous. Not since "Can't Hardly Wait" have I assigned fictional identities to real people. I know these people! Since I began watching, it seems I notice the idiosyncrasies and off-beat humor that my friends and I use more often. I think I actually said, "Uh… That's racist" at least 3 times last week. If you were like me and thought this show might suck, I hope this will help change your mind:

Surrogates—1 star—Ugh… I fell asleep watching this movie. When I tried to finish it the next day, I almost fell asleep again. BORING! I should have just put in "Blade Runner" and called it a day. Nothing about this movie is original or interesting. The acting is alright, but that's not saying much. Avoid like the plague or a wayward android.

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