Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Random Olympics Random Random Saturday

* Once again, I forgot Monday was Monday and had to do Meatless Monday on Tuesday. Ugh. I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of this. Monday is just too close to the weekend and I forget about it. Also, I do most of my grocery shopping on weekdays so on Monday I have nothing to eat save a frozen steak- the veg and fruit is all gone. I'm sure it doesn't matter that I'm always a day off. What, is the veggie police going to give me a citation?

Anywho, I had Fruit Loops for breakfast (ick, but it's all I had), La Madeleine for lunch (salad, soup, potato galette), and... I cannot even remember what dinner was. I think there were eggs involved. Crud.

* According to The Restaurant Refugee , Friday was International Crush Day (mind you, he made it up, but holidays have to start somewhere!). In honor, I am posting my crushes. I think the point is to tell someone you actually know but whatever. I prefer to stick with what works and share my love for strangers. Not real strangers mind you (I have a serious case of Stranger Danger), just celebrities. Today's crushes are:

(Boreanez only in "Bones"- I never got him before then. And, I basically just want to be Chelsea Handler for a day)

* I made a mix tape for my friend with my favorite songs/artists on it. After I had collected all the tracks on iTunes, I realized I had enough for 2 or 3 discs. A little ambitious to say the least! I tried to make it as eclectic as I was without completely alienating him (yep, him; so nothing too girly or lovey dovey which thankfully I don't have a lot of). Featured on my mix was: Lily Allen "Fuck You" (his request), Neko Case "Knock Loud", April March "Chick Magnet", Nina Simone "Ne me quitte pas", Belly "#1 Hot Burrito", Atmosphere "Woman with the Tattooed Hands", Bouncing Souls "Wish Me Well", Swingin' Utters "As You Start Leaving", Gogol Bordello "Alcohol", and a bunch more I can't remember. The final product ended up with 23 songs on it! I love mix tapes, the art of them, choosing just the right songs for the right person. Editing together what you finally chose into something that makes sense. I challenge everyone to pick a buddy and exchange CD's. It's a lot of fun and you should learn some new bands; not to mention a lot about your friend. His CD for me was uncommonly mellow (though he did warn me as such). For the most part I liked it- he had me at Connie Francis!; but I could have done with less Aria and chanting. I almost fell asleep at the wheel driving to work that morning (which I'm sure was the point of the song, but inappropriate for sleepy morning driving)! Hopefully we will get to exchange more music in the future!!

* Jennie's Word of the Day: streusel

* I am officially addicted to curling. However, why's it have to be so expensive? I understand it's a winter sport (i.e. rich, white, American), but I don't have $185 for shoes I would wear everyday let alone a couple times a month. I need someone in the DFW area to get on this immediately! We should have curling allies like there are bowling allies. We would rent shoes and equipment, sell beer, make millions! Well, maybe we'd only make thousands but still. I need the scientists to get on that immediately.

[side note: there is nothing funnier than a group of 20-30 somethings sitting at the bar captivated by curling]

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