Friday, February 5, 2010

Saturday's are for Random Links, nicht wahr?

* Did you hear about the controversy over the Sports Illustrated cover featuring Lindsey Vonn ? Uh... Really people? She's a skier, skiing down a mountain in her uniform. Should she be in a parka? Perhaps some sort of burlap number? Come on! It's really amazing that given who could have been on the cover, they chose a woman. This should be a cheer for woman's rights, not a moment to get your panties in a twist. Calm down and get over yourselves.

* Our word of the day is brought to us by guest commentator Mere: Blunderbuss. (I thought she'd been watching a "Pawn Star's" marathon- seriously check it out- but she actually heard it in an animal dental lecture. I've got to know how that came up)

* An Open Letter to the Contributors of : Your recipes for guacamole were brought to my attention from the lovely Jen, who could not stop laughing. How do you pick what gets put on the site? How can most of your guac recipes not contain cilantro? When is taco sauce an appropriate ingredient to guac? What, no tomatoes? or chili's? or lime? I have lost all respect for you Allrecipes, not that there was much left. In the immortal words of shine : "We're breaking up!"

* Another hilarious tidbit I learnt from yahoo this week, 80's cheese band Men at Work were sued for plagiarism and lost. Apparently, their hit "Down Under" bares a striking resemblance to the "Kookaburra " song we're all familiar with. I don't hear it, or at least not in a "stolen" kind of way, but what do I know. It's simply hilarious that it took 30 years for someone to put this together and now Men at Work are screwed. hee hee.

* If I hear one more movie trailer say something like, "they're greatest strength will be each other" or "they had nothing until they had each other", or "their only ally was each other"; I think I'm going to puke. I'm looking at you "Percy Jackson & The Olympians"!
* Have you been watching "The Vampire Diaries"? What's that you say? It looks retarded and designed for 13-year-old girls? Well, some of that may be true, however you would be mistaken as a whole. TVD (as I will now refer to it) is the perfect blend between bland "Twilight" and erotic "True Blood". There's a story- Boy and girl fall in love, girl finds out boy is Vampire, girl meets boyfriend's evil vamp brother, girl discovers she's a dead ringer for the twisted vamp that sired them. Oh yea! It is also super funny and smart. For example, here's my favorite line from this weeks episode: "If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." Snap!!

* On the "this may be offensive" front- My sis and I were talking earlier this week and the topic of Haiti came up. No, I'm not going where you think I am. Hang tight. So, she asked if I'd heard about the kidnapped Haitian children. Apparently, a bunch of Flander's-style Christians tried to smuggle a group of Haitian orphans out of the country. Sounds nice, right? Unfortunately, many of the kids weren't orphans at all, their parents were simply in hospital. Oh my. Well, I found this hilarious! My sister just kept saying, "I have parent's! I have a mommy!" in a high pitched voice. Somehow this lead to the creation of the greatest band name in history: Smuggling Haitian Orphans (kinda like, Hey That's My Bike from "Reality Bites"). Oh we thought we were so funny! Until Thursday when she sent me the name of their opening act: Aborted Sudden Death. Oh no... We're going to hell. Save me a seat if you get there before me!

* For whatever reason I've been doing this:

Or this:
All day. At least 3 times already!! So, if there were a movement of the day, it would be the comedic thrust.

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