Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Saturday, So Let's be Random:

*The best new show you may not be watching is “Michael & Michael have Issues,” Wenesday’s on Comedy Central. It is host to such nuggets as: “Kiss my glasses!”, prevent teen pregnancy by telling boys you have a penis, “Don’t do drugs. Unless, you’re old, bored, want to feel happy…” I heart “The State” and am so glad to have Michael & Michael back!!

*There’s nothing worse than watching a movie while the thought, “I think I know what they meant,” is trailing through your head.

*Why is Gwyneth Paltrow telling me what to do and why am I listening? (

*Entertainment Weekly has acknowledged my obsession with cat videos and funny pictures. You’re welcome!

* I can’t wait for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It”, about Austin Roller Derby. Check out the new site ( and get your derby name. Call me Cha Cha Betty! What movie are you counting down to this fall??

*Related Movie News: A big NO to the remake of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. YEA to Ridley Scott helming the “Alien” prequel.

*Hate what “modern” radio is playing as much as I do? Head on over to NPR ( for crazy Boston mechanics and douche-y Canadian wordsmiths- Love!!

*In a step to bring the world of “Gattica” to light (ohh…Jude Law before he was kinda creepy- nostalgic!), researchers in England have created “test tube” sperm. Just a thought, but is there a lack of sperm in the world? Nobody told me! How about creating food that’s more sustainable instead? (Probably not unless potatoes grow dicks). How about the environment?

*The other night, I had the pleasure of being schooled by my drug-free vegetarian sister on agriculture and food safety. Now, before you jump to conclusions, she has come a long way from dropping my drinks on the floor or secretly feeding me tofu. I’m proud to say she’s grown up and respects more sides and opinions than anyone else I know. We spent a good hour, hour and a half, talking about the cattle industry (moronic), organic foods, the difference between grass fed and grain fed and free range and store bought and … (It’s not always as much as you would think). So I was excited to hear about this food safety bill before the House and the fact I understood way more about it than I did before. Did you realize how little authority the FDA has, or the number of middlemen between where your food is grown/raised to where it is processed/slaughtered? In her simple diagram of the cattle industry, my sister pointed out about 6 stops each cow makes, and that’s just before it’s slaughtered. Now tack on processing and shipping and who knows where your meat came from. This is also why they can’t figure out where tainted meat comes from. Did you also know that most cows raised in Texas are slaughtered in Oklahoma? Uh… What are they doing with it?!? I’ll close by getting off my soapbox (really more like the little ones you get at the Laundromat) and say this: Do you know what you put in your mouth?

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  1. The world is definitely not lacking in sperm...ugh.