Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just a quick note...

So, my allergies have been acting like fools lately and will not submit to the legions of over the counter remedies I have presented them. Claratin- no go. Zyrtec- not on my watch! I've been unable to breath comfortably for weeks and I think I had a sinus infection but I pretty much ignored it and now I think it's gone away. Cross fingers.

Yesterday I was brilliant and took some new Sudafed I bought special. Why did I still feel like crap? I thought I had a fever at one point and went home to lie down. My bathroom closet looks like a meth lab post raid, and I collected all the drugs I could find and spread them out on my coffee table. I called my Mom to bitch and moan and she saved the day as only Mom's can. basically, I'm an idiot. When your nose is running and snot is collecting in your throat, the last thing you want is an expectorant or decongestant. Guess what? That's all I had! I'd been making myself worse. She suggested I take the ONE Benadryl I had then go buy more. Oh what a happy day it has been at work today! I have never had a reaction to a drug like this before (or I should say nothing legal and without prescription). Speech came out through gauze, my fingers and arms tingled with delight, I ran into a wall at one point. I also called my own office looking for a client. Just more proof of my genius. My brain is not working- still.

To wrap it up, I presented my plight on facebook where my cousin responded:

"If only you knew someone in the field of pharmacy..."

PS- he's a pharmacist.

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  1. I wish I worked in your office. At least that day.