Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So You Think I Talk Funny...

I’ve mentioned previously how much I enjoy profanity- using it, hearing creative uses of it, collecting new phrases, everything. Maybe I was a pirate in a previous life or simply because I was raised by a Navy man and it’s in my blood, I don’t know. There’s something about it. It’s bad. You’re not supposed to do it, but it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s something grown-ups did when you were a kid, and now that you’re grown, it’s something you can do as well.

A bunch of us were talking about this the other day over drinks on the “patio” of our favorite weekday hang out. It was interesting to hear the number of people still afraid of profanity. They whisper the words. They don’t use it in front of their parents, even if their parents do. It’s like cursing has become the last hold out to adulthood and if we cling to it, we will never really be grown up. Well I have news for you- You are an adult, and while your parents will always see you as their little boy/girl, they also realize that you are 25, 28, 32, etc. You are an adult!!! It’s okay to say, “fuck”.

As you know, profanity is strongly frowned upon in the work place. This has lead to creative uses of common words as placeholders for what I really want to say. My favorites are:

Shiitake mushroom!

The list goes on and on. I just realized how food heavy it was... huh. You have any good ones; I’d love to hear them. I am always looking to expand my explanations.

What’s worse is that I now say these words instead of the actual curse words even when I’m not at work. It’s hilarious!

“Did you just yell ‘biscuit’”?
“Why, yes, yes I did and I’ll mind you not to stare!”

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  1. Oddly, I pretty much just cuss at work. Beauty of working with archaeologists, I guess.