Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday, so let's be random:

So on my trip to Brehnam, Tx (land of the mythical BBQ), my friend Lauren and I had a major case of the fritzgiggles beginning around mile 185. We were following a truck that I thought advertized "blow crabs", and I said "What the hell are blow crabs"? Lauren cracked up and I realized the truck actually said "Slovek's", the name of the company. Thank you dyslexia! This is the same sort of thing that got me excited about visiting a pet store only to find out it was actually a hardware store.

Not 1 minute later, I pointed out a bale of hay (it's important on road trips to yell out the things you see while driving like "hay!" or "cow!" or "roadkill"! So, I yelled out "haybale", then saw a little bale next to it and said, "hay baby!". The giggles were officially on. Other signs of our insanity: Lauren almost driving us off the road while 'raising the roof', crying at obvious jokes, the words: Rau Rd. (seriously, how do you say this?), and almost driving us off the road while I did the 'sprinkler'. Go Ice Cream!

And now for something completely different:

*One of my ultimate fears (#27) is that a bird will shit on my and the odds are pretty good- about 20%- that it will happen. Our good friend shine has had the honor 3 times, so she's either the most lucky person I know, or she goes outside way too often!

*Overheard last night: "The balls are so big, I couldn't get them in my mouth!" That is one of the best "mark it" expressions I've heard in a while! Thank you Cheetos.

*The most exciting thing happened today! We were holding a vendor fair at work (which is not the exciting bit) and one of the residents was displaying her art. With her was a movie poster they were looking to unload. I casually said they could put it straight into my car, and they excepted!! I am now the proud owner of this:

I think it's going up in my kitchen!

*If you live in the Dallas area, WARNING: Do not patronize "Lost Society" bar on lower Greenville. The owner and staff are despicable, horrid people. Last week, a kid (and I mean kid, he was 17) almost died from alcohol poisoning and they did nothing. Not only did the serve a minor, but they served him in excess. When he was vomiting all over himself and others, another patron tried to call the police and was told not too. He almost died. Previously, a visitor to the bar got so intoxicated they wouldn't let him leave. I'm sure now your thinking, "Great! Finally doing something right", except you would be wrong. They just wanted him to not leave the bar partially unclothed. Once they found his shirt, they let him go. Several girls have been drugged there and one was almost kidnapped. This is disgusting. Come on TABC! Come on Police!! I don't care how much the owner is paying you, start doing your job! Tell all your friends: This bar is toxic and should be closed down. DO NOT GO THERE!!

*On a lighter note:

*And finally, I asked my friend Jennie for something random to include in this blog, flesh is out a bit as it were, and she came up with this gem: Potatoes grow in the ground. I think that says it all! Until tomorrow!


  1. Blow Crabs are usually only found in shallow waters off the island of Micronesia...