Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Saturday, So Let's Swim in a Sea of Randomness:

Dear Tyler Florence: I love your recipes, but if you say “what we’re gonna do” one more time I’m going to poke you with your own whisk!

Teasers during shows make me crazy. I’m sure they bug you as well, but Bravo has taken it to the breaking point. Do they really think that blocking half the screen with Real Housewives thought bubbles is helping? I know I’m not watching rocket science on Bravo, but still, if I wanted Kathy Griffins face obscured but bouncing oranges I’d do it myself. A big “QUIT IT” to Bravo!

Why do refrigerators have lights in them but not freezers? Is it to discourage me from eating sorbet at 2 AM?

Wednesday, I watched my first episode of Hell’s Kitchen in forever. I couldn’t believe the double entendres (Mark It!), and they weren’t even trying! Let me explain a bit first. My friends came up with the “mark it” game about a month or so ago. It’s very simple to play, and once you do, you will be unable to stop. Basically, anytime someone says something that sounds dirty but wasn’t meant to be, you say “mark it”. Everyone laughs. Lots of fun. Example: “It goes in the front and squirts out the back (Hunt for Red October).” Anyway, thank god I had my notebook out during the show. I had 7 hash marks before we’d even hit the half way part! Who knew this show was so dirty? I thought it was just crass! On a related note, if you have BBC America, then you must watch “The “F” Word”. I love Gordon Ramsey and this is my favorite cooking show on TV. Every week, he has a different group of amateur/home-cooks work the kitchen. It’s so cute to see them try to remember the menu. The point of this challenge is to get as many patrons as possible to pay for their dinner (“If they don’t like it, they don’t pay for it”). The show also shows Gordon traveling around the UK, and now America, in search of food (catfish, wild hog, puffins, oh my!). He also shows people how to cook a quick and nutritious meal at home, often based on their favorite take away. On top of all that, every season he raises a different animal in his backyard then serves it in the restaurant (sorry vegetarians and members of PETA). It’s great to see him interact with his family and a bunch of turkeys, sheep, or hogs. He even cried last year when he took the pigs to slaughter. So, watch “The “F” Word” and listen out for “mark it” opportunities.

Know what happens when you assume? I miss out on cupcakes! Not cool! It was my boss’s birthday earlier this week and they got cupcakes to celebrate. Thankfully, they did this on a day when I was off. No need making sure everyone on staff (all 10 of us) is there. Don’t even worry about telling everyone. If they want to come, they’ll feel it in their bones. Okay, this is a bit harsh and I apologize; but I LOVE cupcakes! I keep a running list of everywhere I’ve had cupcakes and rank them. #1 cupcakes so far: Magnolia Bakery in NYC. I wanted to rub their red velvet all over my face it was so delicious. #2: Society Bakery in Dallas. Their generous icing to cupcake ratio really is king.

I saw a sneak peak of “Julie & Julia” Thursday. It was hilarious! Also want to send a shout out to Whole Foods for sponsoring it and for my new free totes. I never knew I needed a wine tote, but it’s perfect for schlepping a change of clothes and heels with me if I’m going out after work. I love those reusable bags (and the fact that I have 7 and only paid for 1) but they are ruining my life a little bit. I’ve been collecting plastic bags in a handy yet stylish IKEA bad organizer since the dawn of time. Since switching to the cloth bags, I’m almost out of the plastic ones (which I understand is the point), but what am I supposed to use for the tiny waste paper basket in the bathroom?

Final note: Here are some pics you may or may not enjoy: