Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We eat all we can....

What a fun filled and exciting weekend. It all began Friday with a small gathering at my friend's @Nibbles22 for her Bon Voyage. She is leaving us for sunny Miami and I could not be more excited for her unless she were going somewhere with less heat and sun. Her mother made the most amazing Lebanese feast. The next day, there was a pool party where I missed shineoutloud , but did get to hang with @gaveupthefight, @NatalieCottrell, and more. It was a lot of fun, though I probably enjoyed hanging out with my girl E's sister's English Mastiffs. How can you not love something that outweighs you by 50 lbs?

Tuesday, my friend Lauren and I drove to Brenham, TX to visit the Blue Bell factory. What a lot of fun. We kept getting the fritzgiggles and she almost ran us off the road at least 3 times. I will have more to say on the actual car portion of our trip Saturday. Needless to say we were both excited. All we could think about was free ice cream and getting some BBQ while we were in the hill country.

* Here I am in a kicky paper hat waiting for the tour video to begin*

The tour itself is okay. Our hostess was friendly and pointed out all the machines quite well. It kinda sucks though, because you cannot take pictures on the tour. Something about respecting their workers- whatever! Have you ever seen how they make ice cream sandwiches? It's awesome, yet there will be not evidence of that on this blog. Bummer. We did take lots of pictures outside and I'll try to post the funniest ones later.

For the criticism: I thought it was very nice and clever to offer a handout on where to eat while in Brenham in the gift shop. Yea, address to plug into the Garmin! Problem is, there were only 3 BBQ places listed (I thought someone said they knew how to do BBQ there?). One of them was only open Sundays (odd since the factory is only open Monday-Friday), so it was out. I asked our tour guide which she would recommend and I should have known something was wrong when she couldn't figure out which of the 2 to pick. She finally picked the 1st one and we were off. Problem is, it isn't really a BBQ joint so much as it's a Shell gas station with a BBQ counter. A bit odd, we thought. No problems, we'll try the next one. When we found it, however, it was clear it had been closed for quite a while (no doubt due to the health inspector). Bummer squared. Typing BBQ into the Garmin (really not it's fault- I still love those devices), the only BBQ that came up was 30 miles away (basically College Station or Austin). Not helpful. Surely, there will be somewhere on the way back to the highway.

No. There was not.

So, we stopped at Woody's for a 2nd time (can never have too much jerky from the "jerky capital of the world" since we kinda remembered they had BBQ as well. Well, they do and they don't, but at this point we had to eat something or we were going to turn feral and eat a limb. If you can see where this story is now leading, you will no doubt of guessed that i got horribly ill from it. Yea!

Oh well... Still a lot of fun. Next time: Shiner!!


  1. I couldn't be more jealous of you. Their old jingle is still stuck in my head "Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country..."

  2. And you get a huge bowl of ice cream at the end! We couldn't even finish it all :)

  3. How did I not comment on this? I swear I did.

    Also, feel free to continue to rub it in Jay's face that he NEVER gets Bluebell any more. Ha!

  4. Well, I did point out on facebook that you can get your BB fix at Outback steakhouse. I understand that means you have to actually GO to Outback, but still. Also, you can order 1/2 gallons and they will ship them to you!