Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wow, we've finally come to the end of my Netflix list (otherwise known as U-Z Edition):

Vertigo (1958)- It is my belief that this is one of several movies people say they have seen, but in actuality, they have only seen the poster. Also on this list are several other Hitchcock movies (Rear Window being most popular), the Bond movies (with the exception of Daniel Craig), and Sherlock Holmes. Please, do yourself a favor and watch this. If you have seen it, it's probably been a while, so watch it again. It is genius. All I need to say is: Kim Novak (I want to be her when I grow up) and James Stewart. Enough said.

The Wackness (2008)- This movie made a splash on the festival scene (though I suspect it had as much to do with the star being a current Disney commodity playing against type as a drug dealer as much as it did the brilliance of the movie). That being said, its great. Ben Kinglsey is of course brilliant and the backdrop of 80's New York is priceless. It's like watching the birth of "wigger" culture without having to sit through a Jamie Kennedy movie.

What We Do is Secret (2007)- This movie is a labor of love for star Shane West (and yes, I know what you're thinking: What they hell does ex-Mandy Moore movie love interest/"er" stud have to tell ME about punk). The answer is: a lot. Based on the life of Germs front man Darby Crash, the movie takes us through the birth of modern punk- from high school to "fame" to death. It is spliced with interviews of Crash (as played by West) that were lifted from actual interviews. The music is raw and the approach to his sexuality is casual yet front and center. The bonus features on the disc make for good watching as well. Whether you are a fan or not of punk music, this true story of decline will have you hooked.

The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006)- I realize that this movie may not be for most, but I cannot get enough of the Irish struggle for independence. I suspect it has something to do with my families own involvement, but this movie by British wunderkind Ken Loach starring Cillian Murphy, shows us a side of the conflict that we never see: What happened outside the cities, in the towns and villages across Ireland. The struggle for Irish freedom was famously fought in Dublin, but the heart of the war raged on in the fields. I loved it- it's quietness, the cinematography, everything.

Wristcutters (a love story) (2006)- This movie has become the new marker for how cool you are. If you've seen it: you are. If you haven't: well, get thee to a Blockbuster! The story is simple: boy commits suicide after he hears his girlfriend is dead, and travels to purgatory to find her. One the way, he picks up a crazy Russian and an even crazier girl. All the music is by Gogol Bordello (and from what I can figure, it is not on either of their 2 albums. I am mucho bummed by this). It's hilarious, it's about love and life and death. Seriously, it's funny too.

So, that ends my list. What have I left off? What movies do you love that feel like no one else has seen them, that are your little secret? I am always looking for suggestions. I'm not sure how I will follow this up. I like the idea of Sunday's being for list making...

On a final note, the worst movie I have ever seen (as told to me by my Netflix ratings) is:
Wow, I should have looked at how many 1 star movies I had. Perhaps that list is for another time.


  1. I haven't seen any of these movies, despite the fact that I have three of them on DVD at home. I really haven't watched as many movies as I'd like to since about 2001. Thankfully I still make time for all the zombie and Jude Apatow new releases.

  2. Oh my, that's sad! On a related note: "Zombieland" to be the best movie of '09??